Definition of second growth in English:

second growth


  • 1Woodland growth that replaces harvested or burned virgin forest.

    as modifier ‘a thicket of second-growth Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir’
    • ‘Our study indicates that dispersal of longleaf pine seeds is greater than prior estimates based on field measurements from second growth forests.’
    • ‘Thus, in our study area second growth hardwood forest fragments tend to be both fairly old and largely undisturbed until their complete demise.’
    • ‘The future of 7,500-hectares of 80-year-old second growth forest in Maple Ridge is in question.’
    • ‘Dispersal of seeds from second growth into older forests also can occur, allowing second-growth species to invade forests.’
    • ‘Oldfields and second growth bottomland forests predominate throughout the study area.’
    • ‘More species were detected in second growth than in older forests by both methods.’
  • 2A wine considered to be the second-best in quality compared to the first growth (or premier cru)

    as modifier ‘a second-growth wine was added as a bonus for the group’
    • ‘Chx Gruaud-Larose and Ducru-Beaucaillou are the other two St-Julien second growths, and produce two of the Médoc's finest wines in most vintages.’
    • ‘Instead, however, it can boast five superb second growths, two excellent third growths, four well-maintained fourth growths, and, from the 1980s at least, an unrivalled consistency in wine-making skill.’