Definition of secondary source in English:

secondary source

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  • (in academic research) a book, article, or other source that provides information about an object of study but does not constitute direct, first-hand evidence.

    ‘the author relied heavily on secondary sources such as journalistic accounts’
    • ‘He specialises in a sort of narrative history that is based on secondary sources.’
    • ‘He draws deftly on a wealth of primary and secondary sources to provide us with a lucid and captivating account.’
    • ‘My reputation was at stake and I needed to ensure accuracy and thoroughness in the use of primary and secondary sources.’
    • ‘The contributors to this collection draw on a variety of primary and secondary sources, including travel writings, fiction, and diaries.’
    • ‘On closer examination, however, most authors have only read a couple of readily available secondary sources.’
    • ‘Audiences flocked to the Web and seemed to use newspapers as a secondary source on election matters.’
    • ‘Wilson relies almost exclusively on secondary sources and articles to frame this biography.’
    • ‘The secondary sources included annual reports of companies, proprietary databases and newspapers.’
    • ‘Witnesses or secondary sources are more valuable because there is no inherent bias.’
    • ‘A lot of secondary sources contain speculation.’