Definition of secondary treatment in English:

secondary treatment


  • The further treatment of sewage effluent by biological methods following sedimentation.

    ‘sewage dumped in certain “sensitive” areas of the sea would be given secondary treatment’
    • ‘a secondary-treatment stage comprising aerobic biological oxidation and final settlement’
    • ‘Most treatment plants also have secondary treatment, whereby sewage is stirred and oxygen is blown in to help beneficial bacteria breed and eat up the ‘solids.’’
    • ‘Ecosystem damage and fish toxicity occurred downstream from mills that did not use chlorine, even in advanced mills with secondary treatment processes.’
    • ‘This waiver allows for less than full secondary treatment of the sewage being discharged into the ocean off Huntington Beach.’
    • ‘Do most sewerage treatment plants only use secondary treatment?’
    • ‘The next stage is secondary treatment, which is designed to remove soluble organics from the wastewater.’


secondary treatment

/ˈsekənˌderē ˈtrētmənt/ /ˈsɛkənˌdɛri ˈtritmənt/