Definition of Secret Santa in English:

Secret Santa


  • 1An arrangement in which a group of friends or colleagues exchange Christmas presents anonymously, each member of the group being assigned another member for whom to provide a small gift, typically costing no more than a set amount.

    ‘Lyndsey is organizing our office Secret Santa’
    • ‘Secret Santa gifts’
    • ‘I noticed that he wore the watch that I gave him in the Secret Santa gift game.’
    • ‘She reduces the amount of shopping she does by organizing a Secret Santa exchange among adults in her family.’
    • ‘I just ordered cookbooks for my Secret Santa recipient.’
    • ‘I'm a big fan of the Secret Santa.’
    • ‘"Are you going to participate in Secret Santa this year?" I asked.’
    • ‘We do a Secret Santa system in my family where each person buys a present for £50.’
    • ‘Staff had their Christmas do at the Moathouse last week, at which they played "Secret Santa" and gave each other gifts.’
    • ‘Volunteering at work meant offering to make tea or organize the Secret Santa round of mystery gifts at Christmas.’
    • ‘I've just had a note to say that the gift I ordered for Secret Santa will not be despatched in time for Christmas.’
    • ‘I jumped on the bandwagon and joined Secret Santa.’
    1. 1.1A person who gives a Christmas present to another anonymously as part of a gift exchange arrangement within a group.
      ‘this sweet little book was a gift from my Secret Santa’
      • ‘The next day, there was a gift waiting for me from my Secret Santa.’
      • ‘Later, I found out he was my Secret Santa!’
      • ‘I forgot to say thank you to my Secret Santa for Amber by Autechre — it's brilliant, the best album by them I've heard yet.’
      • ‘I went through arcane methods and eventually deduced who is my Secret Santa!’
      • ‘I'm sure my Secret Santa, Debbie from the back office, thought it was cool.’
      • ‘I've found out who my Secret Santa was.’
      • ‘In Christmas news, I'd like to thank my Secret Santa for their excellent taste.’
      • ‘My Secret Santa clearly must know me fairly well, because the gift she gave me is a romance package for me and Joe, including a bottle of wine, a chocolate fondue kit, and a movie rental gift card.’
      • ‘I got my present from my secret Santa today and, being a greedy little monkey, I opened it right up.’
      • ‘Whoever happened to be my Secret Santa did not find it necessary to see that I got something in time for Christmas: bah, humbug!’