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secretary of state

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  • 1(in the US) the head of the State Department, responsible for foreign affairs.

    ‘Henry Kissinger ran foreign policy under President Nixon, not Secretary of State Rogers.’
    • ‘Then U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright visited Pyongyang in response to Cho's trip to Washington.’
    • ‘That includes his Secretary of State, Colin Powell, who has been presented as a restraining influence on Bush.’
    • ‘Most recently, he was the Deputy Secretary of State in 1993 under President Clinton.’
    • ‘Official results will be announced as soon as the Secretary of State provides a final list.’
  • 2(in the UK) the head of a major government department.

    ‘The Claimant in this claim for judicial review is the Secretary of State for the Home Department.’
    • ‘It is the Secretary of State's policy that the power to sanction should not be exercised too widely.’
    • ‘Copies are also being sent to Bexley Council and the Secretary of State for Transport.’
    • ‘He was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Social Security in May 1997.’
    • ‘He wants the county council to call on the Secretary of State for Health, John Reid, to inject more cash into NHS services in Surrey.’
  • 3(in Canada) a government minister responsible for a specific area within a department.

    • ‘That position has been verified by statements in the House of Commons by Secretary of State for External Affairs Joe Clark.’
    member of the government, political leader, cabinet minister, secretary of state, secretary, undersecretary, department head, privy counsellor, politician


secretary of state

/ˈsekrəˌterē əv/ /ˈsɛkrəˌtɛri əv/ /ə stāt/ /ə steɪt/