Definition of sectarianism in English:


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  • Excessive attachment to a particular sect or party, especially in religion.

    ‘religious sectarianism’
    • ‘a plan of action to deal with racism and sectarianism’
    • ‘His political career would be dogged by the reputation for pugnacious sectarianism he acquired in the 1930s.’
    • ‘The legislation will see increased sentences for crimes motivated by sectarianism or bigotry.’
    • ‘Without any traditional political answers to the new era, loyalism has turned back to sectarianism.’
    • ‘A predisposition to sectarianism came to Australia in the mental baggage of many migrants.’
    • ‘The virulence of sectarianism here remains a major threat to the newly devolved institutions.’
    • ‘Religion is not talk or doctrines or theories, nor is it sectarianism.’
    • ‘The political dynamic of the peace process itself has a proportionally inverse impact on the wide spectrum of unionist sectarianism.’
    • ‘He should seize this opportunity to introduce the subject of sectarianism to the school curricula.’
    • ‘The gravity of the economic situation meant that the appeasement of sectarianism was not sufficient to deal with the threat of working-class disaffection.’
    • ‘It was serious, serious, raw sectarianism—without a shadow of doubt.’



/sekˈterēəˌnizəm/ /sɛkˈtɛriəˌnɪzəm/