Definition of sectorial in English:



  • 1Of or like a sector.

    ‘sectorial boundaries’
    • ‘The vast majority of these immigrants were brought to Europe or allowed to come because of sectorial labor shortages in Europe.’
    • ‘Mr Warburton said release of the minutes would expose external directors to undue criticism and pressure from the sectorial groups they nominally represent.’
    • ‘The survey which was conducted among a sample of over 850 companies on the island of Ireland, across 11 industry sectors, shows geographical and sectorial variations.’
    • ‘Two meetings of the sectorial Military Coordination Commission took place in March in undisputed territory, the UN said.’
    • ‘In the latter case, the rate of enlargement, or sectorial expansion rate, is different among shell portions along the aperture.’
    • ‘The Federal Government's Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources takes a sectorial approach to Australian manufacturing.’
  • 2Zoology
    Denoting a carnassial tooth, or a similar cutting tooth in mammals other than carnivores.

    ‘The high sectorial trigonid and typical carnivoran shear patterns justify identification of UALVP 44186 as carnivoran.’
    • ‘Thylacoleo are highly specialized brachycephalic predators with greatly hypotrophied molar rows and hypertrophied sectorial third premolars.’
    • ‘It also differs from A. rhodius by its less sectorial entolophid on M 1-3.’
    • ‘The entocristid and cristid obliqua are raised and sectorial in construction, and a strongly developed entoconulid is present.’
    • ‘Teeth of Onychomys from Deer Park B have a general pattern of relatively sectorial and slender cusps.’



/sekˈtôrēəl/ /sɛkˈtɔriəl/