Definition of security blanket in English:

security blanket


  • 1A familiar blanket or other piece of soft fabric held by a young child as a source of comfort.

    ‘my daughter's three and a half and she's had a security blanket since she was a year old’
    • ‘The truth is, we never really forget the feeling of comfort that old security blanket gave us against our fears, real and imagined.’
    • ‘I went and got Paws, my security-bear (I never really had a security blanket, I had Paws).’
    • ‘Named after the famous Peanuts cartoon strip character, Linus, who was never without his security blanket, the project donates quilts to causes including hospices and womens' refuges.’
    • ‘My security blanket was a pair of jeans with a Smurf on the back pocket that I wore until they were capris, much to my sister's eternal amusement.’
    • ‘Richard H. Passman, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, initially set out to determine whether children with secure attachments to their mothers were more or less likely to have a security blanket.’
    • ‘Behavioral changes include sexual acting out, aggression, problems in school, regression (e.g., return to thumb sucking, use of a security blanket), sleep disturbances, depression and eating disturbances.’
    • ‘Phoebe's favourite character was a Tweenie doll called Fizz who went everywhere with her along with her little piece of flannelette security blanket.’
    • ‘The group joined Project Linus, a scheme inspired by the Peanuts character who would not be seen without his security blanket.’
    • ‘They seem to act as a form of comfort - like a grown-up equivalent of a teddy bear or security blanket.’
    • ‘Make lists of items and games they want to take along (do not underestimate these items; they are the equivalent of a younger child's security blanket!).’
    • ‘She had a toy rabbit, a security blanket, and her own crib, although she slept at night with her human foster parents.’
    • ‘Children love them and parents hate them: the security blanket.’
    • ‘A good baby blanket not only helps a newborn feel secure while swaddled, but also can serve as a security blanket for years to come.’
    • ‘I made beds, curtains, blankets, washcloths, bath toys, wall decals, lamps, rugs, hampers, stuffed animals, security blankets and night lights.’
    1. 1.1Something that provides reassurance, support, or a sense of security.
      ‘investors no longer see gold as a security blanket.’
      • ‘For most businesses, warehouses full of stuff are a kind of security blanket.’
      • ‘Now cash is one of the few security blankets for wary CFOs.’
      • ‘The backup is more of a security blanket.’
      • ‘Her money acted as a security blanket for her.’
      • ‘Just as an added security blanket, you may want to archive your personal, precious stuff to a recordable DVD disc periodically.’
      • ‘At their most basic, convertibles provide a sort of security blanket for investors wishing to participate in the growth of a particular company they're unsure of.’
      • ‘Addictions are hard to let go of because, over time, they sort of act as security blankets, and it's difficult to remember what life was like without them.’
      • ‘In the end a coach is more a security blanket, someone to turn to in times of crisis.’
      • ‘His grief focused his energies on the band, which he was later to describe as his security blanket, and out of necessity, friendships were relegated.’
      • ‘Whatever the choice, having a stand-by system in place is a nice security blanket that more than pays for itself when the power goes down.’
      • ‘The past always has been a security blanket for Bostonians.’
      • ‘Music is my security blanket.’
      • ‘He might not love her but you have to admit she was his security blanket.’
      • ‘The past has always been a security blanket for Celtic fans.’
      • ‘This guy uses his hair as a security blanket, hiding behind it when things aren't going his way.’
      • ‘Not having the phone can create a lot of anxiety, so the phone today has become our security blanket.’
      • ‘Cash has become a corporate security blanket, something executives cling to in frightening times.’
  • 2British A set of security measures or sanctions, typically imposed in order to maintain complete secrecy about something.

    ‘the size of the Regular Army is under a security blanket’
    • ‘The investigative team used the national security blanket to keep everything under wraps.’
    • ‘This weekend, the capital is under a tight security blanket.’
    • ‘Despite the intense security blanket, a little has leaked out about the fate of the four survivors.’
    • ‘At Heathrow where there was a tight security blanket on information it was learnt that the crew were staying at the Europa Hotel.’
    • ‘Interest in fusion as a source of energy was stifled in the 1940s and early 1950s by the security blanket on all nuclear work.’
    • ‘Details of the recovery operation are still subject to a security blanket so there are different accounts of what ensued.’
    • ‘A night-time security blanket could be thrown around the city.’


security blanket

/səˈkyo͝orədē ˈblaNGkət/ /səˈkjʊrədi ˈblæŋkət/