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    (also sedan chair)
    mainly historical An enclosed chair for conveying one person, carried between horizontal poles by two or more porters.

    ‘It's said that long ago an Immortal found out that a devil had followed the wedding parade of a bride who was being carried in a sedan chair.’
    • ‘Then, clad richly in gold from head to toe, the leader appeared at the top of the wall escorted by several servants who were carrying him in a sedan chair.’
    • ‘As the Viceroy was being carried in a sedan chair away from the viewing stand, a Chinese man jumped out of the crowd lining the street, lifted a pistol, fired a single shot into the Viceroy's head.’
    • ‘Manservants of the Warlord dressed in bright red, the color of life, carried a scarlet sedan chair draped in crimson silk and embroidered with designs of phoenixes.’
    • ‘And it was transported around the countryside by two peasants, like a sedan chair.’
    sedan chair, palanquin
  • 2North American An automobile having a closed body and a closed trunk separated from the part in which the driver and passengers sit; a sedan.

    British term saloon (sense 2)

    ‘Are you looking for a sports car, or do you have children and need a sedan, minivan or SUV?’
    • ‘Many have drivetrains taken from sport sedans, with suspensions to match.’
    • ‘Not quite a sedan or SUV, today's station wagons are stylish, functional and fast.’
    • ‘Pacifica's high belt-line offers a feeling of security on the inside that you don't get from most sedans or SUVs.’
    • ‘Ford is considering adopting the 300-volt system for other vehicles in its line-up, including larger SUVs and sedans.’
    • ‘Most of the Toyota Camry cars are sedans but the Camry was also sold as a station wagon.’
    • ‘The car has been described as the world's best four-door sports sedan.’
    • ‘From behind the driver's seat, you'd think you were in a luxury sport sedan.’
    • ‘Is a four-door family sedan the same as a pick-up truck?’
    • ‘Can a compact car be endowed with the allure of a sporty luxury sedan?’
    • ‘The 2003 model year is when Mercedes is expected to introduce a redesigned E-Class sedan.’
    • ‘Two days after the Clarks bought the midsize sedan, Lori Clark had a fender bender.’
    • ‘Just as it pulled away, a black sedan pulled up, Melanie's sister sitting at the wheel.’
    • ‘On the other hand, members of the Leone family drive pristine, sporty black sedans.’
    • ‘Probably adds between 50 to 60 cents filling up a large family sedan.’
    • ‘Around half an hour later the suspect in a blue sedan pulled out of the driveway.’
    • ‘I was about to protest when a red sedan pulled up to the sidewalk.’
    • ‘The Avalon was introduced as the Toyota flagship sedan for model year '95.’
    • ‘Should race cars then be illegal because people may drive their ordinary sedan at a high speed around corners?’
    • ‘Which could spell trouble for Toyota and Honda, who sell their compact sedans based largely on quality and reliability.’



/səˈdan/ /səˈdæn/


Perhaps an alteration of an Italian dialect word, based on Latin sella ‘saddle’, from sedere ‘sit’.