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see about

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phrasal verb

  • see about somethingAttend to or deal with something.

    ‘he had gone to see about a job he had heard of’
    • ‘He would look up army friends, see about a job, then return.’
    • ‘In the meantime I'll see about sorting out a couple of guest writers to keep you entertained.’
    • ‘I'll have to see about arranging for those selected to attend class down at the school.’
    • ‘If the Executive is serious about delivering on its projects it should see about copying the example for riverside regeneration set in England.’
    • ‘Then I suppose I have to see about going back to work too.’
    • ‘I also want to get over to the museum and see about doing some research on him.’
    • ‘Would-be student Melissa had come from Newcastle to see about a place at Leeds University.’
    • ‘Think about quality over quantity, and see about improving our parks.’
    • ‘When I have some time I'm going to see about stripping out absolutely as much text as I can, to see how far it can be pushed.’
    • ‘I shall have to see about reducing their number before we move, donating the surplus to a charity shop.’
    arrange, make arrangements for, see to, deal with, take care of, look after, attend to, sort out
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