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seed capital

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‘RAB Capital, the hedge fund, provided the seed capital and owns 18% of the £129m company.’
  • ‘He said this fund would be used to leverage additional funds from the private sector and the seed capital would be provided by a number of government employees' pension funds on the continent.’
  • ‘You also have to find the seed capital and working for yourself is almost a 24-hour operation.’
  • ‘It could provide the seed capital for such projects that would later encourage the private sector to follow suit.’
  • ‘The gate fee from the first event would form the seed capital to fund future events.’
  • ‘Many aspire to run their own businesses and so put money aside, hoping it will one day provide the seed capital with which to start up as novice entrepreneurs.’
  • ‘Irish companies have tended just to look at traditional forms of funding, such as seed capital and venture capital funding rounds, and don't look at other potentially fruitful routes.’
  • ‘‘This substantial funding will now provide us with the seed capital necessary to begin implementing plans for our national resource centre,’ he added.’
  • ‘According to the proposal, 40 percent of the seed capital of the foundation will come from the government, while the rest will come from the private sector, thus defining the nature of the foundation as a private corporation.’
  • ‘Over the years, how many attempts at establishing a progressive newspaper or magazine have died in the water within weeks or a few months as the seed capital dried up and activists walked away exhausted and demoralised?’
  • ‘Accessible seed capital and cost effective patenting will allow the next generation of start-ups to convert knowledge streams into revenue streams.’
  • ‘She used the rest of the seed capital to invest in a small plot of agricultural land.’
  • ‘Asian central bankers are poised to launch the second phase of their scheme to boost regional bond markets by injecting seed capital into two new funds that will invest in Asian currency bonds.’
  • ‘The aim of the venture is to provide early stage seed capital to small and medium sized businesses.’
  • ‘The last, the incubator founders say, is a primary reason for their being: to provide start-ups with seed capital.’
  • ‘Already 25 people have committed a risk investment of £700 to provide seed capital for the feasibility study.’
  • ‘All three family members agreed that the unpredictability of the situation seemed to rule out accepting outside seed capital.’
  • ‘Experts say the case highlights the barriers faced by poor communities who need seed capital to improve their living standards.’
  • ‘A second component will provide seed capital for small projects.’
  • ‘Her share from the sale of the couple's house provided a little more than €60,000 of seed capital for an idea to bring a distinctive New York eating experience to Dublin.’


seed capital

/ˈsēd ˌkapədl/ /ˈsid ˌkæpədl/