Definition of seiche in English:



  • A temporary disturbance or oscillation in the water level of a lake or partially enclosed body of water, especially one caused by changes in atmospheric pressure.

    ‘A seiche occurs in bodies of water that are partially or completely enclosed, such as Hilo Bay, creating a standing wave that continually sloshes back and forth.’
    • ‘The second uncommon event produced by the earthquake was the giant wave, known to geologists as a seiche, that formed when Hebgen Lake tipped and water began to slosh from one lake shore to the other and back again.’
    • ‘Another type of water wave, a seiche, is generated in an enclosed body of water such as a lake.’
    • ‘However, sloshing waves called seiches can arise within the harbor and cause water levels to vary as much as 1.8 meters in as little as 45 minutes.’
    • ‘In these and subsequent papers Chrystal studied seiches in lakes of many different shapes.’
    • ‘The horizontal currents over the reef were found to be primarily due to the hydraulic flow and surface gravitational seiches.’
    • ‘A subsequent troop of smaller waves, called seiches, would then finish the job, rinsing away casinos and the waterfront escapes of Internet millionaires.’
    • ‘A particular feature of Lake Champlain - an effect called a seiche - may help to produce just such sightings.’



/sā(t)SH/ /seɪ(t)ʃ/


Mid 19th century from Swiss French, perhaps from German Seiche ‘sinking (of water)’.