Definition of self-concept in English:



  • An idea of the self constructed from the beliefs one holds about oneself and the responses of others.

    ‘a self-concept is largely a reflection of the reactions of others towards the individual’
    • ‘Your ideas about what others think of you hinge on your self-concept - your own beliefs about who you are.’
    • ‘In conclusion, the findings suggest that adolescent girls from varying age groups, backgrounds, and school environments are in touch with their ethical self-concepts and related behavioral decisions.’
    • ‘As children begin to incorporate both positive and negative information into their self-concepts, self-concept differentiation is likely to increase, leading to higher self-complexity.’
    • ‘These children, raised in impoverished communities, must contend with gangs, violence, poverty, and many other impairing social factors that create negative self-concepts.’
    • ‘What is fascinating is that our actual and ideal self-concepts appear to be just as, or even more important than, perceptions of security.’