Definition of self-consciously in English:


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  • 1In a manner suggesting undue awareness of oneself, one's appearance, or one's actions.

    ‘she smiled self-consciously, trying not to feel foolish’
    • ‘Janet self-consciously touched a hand to her cheek’
    • ‘This part feels totally unscripted as the young cadets self-consciously address the cameras.’
    • ‘He struggled self-consciously through his polite talk in French rather than let loose his usual machine-gun diatribes.’
    • ‘"They're really strict at my school," she explained self-consciously.’
    • ‘Rather self-consciously, I donned the flak jacket.’
    • ‘I kissed his cheeks, making him blush self-consciously.’
    • ‘He followed her into her little room, giggling self-consciously.’
    • ‘The crowd was pretty reticent for the first half of the set, with only myself and Joel dancing, somewhat self-consciously.’
    • ‘He tightens his dressing gown about him and looks around self-consciously.’
    • ‘She sat at the piano self-consciously, and slowly began to play.’
    • ‘They eyed each other, looked away self-consciously, then stole sideways glances at one another once more.’
  • 2Deliberately and with full awareness.

    ‘he self-consciously avoided taking responsibility’
    • ‘each variation self-consciously strove to create something new’
    • ‘Such a setting fits well with today's self-consciously international large-scale exhibitions.’
    • ‘It was a literary movement that promoted a more self-consciously Scottish stance.’
    • ‘The post-war years produced a mood of existential disgust, expressed through an idiom of self-consciously ugly realism.’
    • ‘This is her most self-consciously political work to date.’
    • ‘Inadvertently perhaps (or self-consciously on the curators' part), all kinds of odd visual rhymes ensued from the display.’
    • ‘This was a comely, courteous kind of feminism, from an Asian Buddhist perspective, seen lightly, self-consciously, through artfully arrayed mirrors.’
    • ‘Works by self-consciously artistic contemporary photographers varied widely.’
    • ‘An experimental filmmaker, he was regarded as New Zealand's first self-consciously conceptual artist.’
    • ‘Her conceptual gestures are hybrids, as dependent on beat-generation strategies and Japanese aesthetics as they are self-consciously futuristic.’
    • ‘Art may mirror society, as the cliché suggests, but the best reflections are rarely found in self-consciously topical work.’



/ˌselfˈkänSHəslē/ /ˌsɛlfˈkɑnʃəsli/