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  • The ability to control oneself, in particular one's emotions and desires or the expression of them in one's behavior, especially in difficult situations.

    ‘Lucy silently struggled for self-control’
    • ‘This account suggests a tendency to lose self-control in unexpected situations.’
    • ‘We need self-control in situations where anger or addictions cause us to spiral out of control.’
    • ‘The law expects a greater measure of self-control in unwanted situations where human life is at stake.’
    • ‘As you may have noticed, this effort at self-control can have a rebound effect.’
    • ‘Compare this self-control to the Americans, who seek therapy if their manicurist takes an unscheduled week off.’
    • ‘I have no longer any strength, any courage, any self-control, nor even any power to set my own will in motion.’
    • ‘How much disturbance is required to show loss of self-control?’
    • ‘The effect of this disease of the mind was to weaken the sufferer's powers of self-control, and this would be aggravated by drink.’
    • ‘Are you saying that provocation is engaged wherever there is a loss of self-control?’
    • ‘It should be added that the loss of self-control mentioned in this passage was not a passing tantrum.’
    • ‘It is for the judge to decide if there is evidence of provoking conduct and loss of self-control.’
    • ‘The jury must ask whether he has exercised the degree of self-control to be expected of someone in his situation.’
    • ‘This was not a situation in which the defendant suddenly lost self-control.’
    • ‘Could it be that children actually possess morals and self-control and are capable of exercising restraint?’
    • ‘This broader range of emotional experience is beneficial, and contributes to his self-control.’
    • ‘To be furious is to lose self-control, and to lose self-control is to sin.’
    • ‘The athlete needs to understand that competition becomes the ultimate test of self-control.’
    • ‘Indeed, the importance of self-control extends beyond financial matters.’
    • ‘At this point the visitors began to lose self-control, creating unnecessary and ugly off-the-ball incidents.’
    • ‘Current account mortgages, for those with good financial self-control, can be another good way to reduce your tax burden.’
    self-discipline, self-restraint, restraint, control, self-mastery, self-possession, will power, strength of will, composure, coolness
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/ˌselfkənˈtrōl/ /ˌsɛlfkənˈtroʊl/