Definition of self-doubt in English:



  • Lack of confidence in oneself and one's abilities.

    ‘his later years were plagued by self-doubt’
    • ‘Spurling tells of a life plagued by desperation, self-doubt and nervous anguish, which required an assuaging art of calm.’
    • ‘The only reason we keep expecting our tennis players to do well is that they are middle class and lack self-doubt.’
    • ‘The internal turmoil is deepened by a distorted body image, which is created through self-doubt and lack of self-worth.’
    • ‘Far from being arrogant, today's doctors are diffident and afflicted by insecurity and self-doubt.’
    • ‘Instead of obediently yielding to the will of these gods, he took his destiny into his own hands, even though he remained plagued by self-doubt.’
    • ‘Newspaper columnists and political talk-shows reflect a tone of self-doubt and unease about the conduct of the war to date.’
    • ‘As a bright but unremarkable working-class child, she was crippled by shyness and self-doubt.’
    • ‘The reality is, friendship is normally outweighed by a nagging seam of insecurity and self-doubt.’
    • ‘Despite that, she says she is riddled with self-doubt underneath the confident exterior.’
    • ‘She seized it with an odd mixture of self-confidence and self-doubt.’
    • ‘In reality, he was racked with self-doubt, hesitant, and liable always to agree with the last person he had spoken to.’
    • ‘I forgive the original causes of my self-doubt and self-deception, including my family.’
    • ‘They contain no vestige of self-doubt, no scintilla of scientific uncertainty and more than a hint of patronage.’
    • ‘Without the crutch of music, self-doubt menaced him, and he was a reluctant public communicator.’
    • ‘For what you describe, I would suggest a combination of the two, to remove self-doubt and negativity and replace it with confidence and luck.’
    • ‘This lack of knowledge contributes to self-doubt about the scenario the nurse has witnessed.’
    • ‘Youthful impetuosity and confidence has given way to caution and self-doubt, fuelled by a whole array of injuries over the years.’
    • ‘A lot of soul-searching and prayer went into his choice to venture down a new path and he went through his moments of self-doubt.’
    • ‘In this fearful and cynical climate, talk about space only brings our self-doubt and loathing to the fore rather than doing anything to tackle it.’
    • ‘The accumulated rage, hurt and self-doubt become so entrenched that even teens from loving homes may never recover.’
    shyness, bashfulness, unassertiveness, modesty, modestness, self-effacement, humility, humbleness, meekness, timidity, timidness, timorousness, reserve, reticence, introversion



/ˌselfˈdout/ /ˌsɛlfˈdaʊt/