Definition of self-management in English:



  • 1Management of or by oneself; the taking of responsibility for one's own behavior and well-being.

    ‘encourage self-management of diabetes by providing information on diet, injection timing and technique’
    • ‘Parental supervision is needed for young children, but progressive responsibility for self-management is given with advancing maturity.’
    • ‘Performance management is central to self-management.’
    • ‘The course students attended introduced the concepts of health promotion, lifestyle behaviors, self-management, and other general health and wellness information.’
    • ‘They can also increase cognitive assistance when tasks are inherently complex, such as in the daily self-management of diabetes, hypertension, and asthma.’
    • ‘What types of social support are optimal for assisting the adult learner with diabetes self-management?’
    • ‘Health education in schools should be about self-management of minor illnesses, so people can take these responsibilities on themselves.’
    • ‘Equally importantly it is assumed that those in authority are capable of self-management whereas it is the people who have to be managed and controlled.’
    • ‘Some of the elements of self-management are correct inhalation techniques, skills in monitoring the condition and self-assessment, and an action plan for acute exacerbations.’
    • ‘We've developed a philosophy of self-management, I think, in our schools, which tries to bring on local people who've got teacher training and who've got experience in classrooms.’
    • ‘It is likely that the use of antibiotics without a prescription mirrors cultural systems of self-diagnosis and self-management.’
    • ‘A key to self-management is that the learner is empowered and responsibility is shifted from teacher to learner.’
    • ‘They value performance, change management, accomplishments, quality, self-management, time-management, community service, and reputation.’
    • ‘The factory is a thriving example of worker self-management.’
    • ‘We're looking at self-management of the condition by getting them to assess and monitor their own health.’
    • ‘He was afflicted late in life with diabetes, which may require careful and compulsive self-management.’
    • ‘Also, without a control group, we cannot definitively conclude that our educational intervention was responsible for all the gains in asthma self-management that were noted.’
    • ‘The principle of self-management suggests that individual workers or groups are given a set of task objectives with minimal instructions about task methods.’
    1. 1.1The distribution of political control to individual regions of a state, especially as a form of socialism practiced by its own members.
      ‘Having broken with the Soviet Union in 1948, Yugoslavia introduced a milder version of socialism that was based on common ownership and self-management.’
      • ‘In the aftermath of assimilation, and then integration, self-determination and self-management became the central terms of policy.’



/ˌselfˈmanəjmənt/ /ˌsɛlfˈmænədʒmənt/