Definition of self-renewal in English:



mass noun
  • The process of renewing oneself or itself.

    • ‘Living at the cusp of twinned religious and cultural narratives, Couto investigates the processes of self-definition and self-renewal, in response to the historical crises of migration, invasion, conversion and flight.’
    • ‘Research will focus on understanding how to control the ability stem cells have for self-renewal and growth into any kind of body tissue.’
    • ‘The fusion proteins result in abnormal functions of cell self-renewal, proliferation, differentiation, and/or apoptosis.’
    • ‘Consider some examples of how these novel realities are placing a premium on self-management and self-renewal.’
    • ‘Cell proliferation, self-renewal and differentiation are basic mechanisms of tissue development, maintenance and repair.’
    • ‘It is this last plea that becomes particularly relevant to Solanka's quest for self-renewal.’
    • ‘Continuous self-renewal prevents these cells from developing into the specialized blood cells that the body needs to function normally.’
    • ‘The second major question was whether these cells were capable of undergoing self-renewal.’
    • ‘It seems improbable that a mother can effectively teach adolescents how to deal with multiple demands upon their time if she is unable to set aside periods for self-renewal.’
    • ‘Colleges and universities have as their mission teaching, research, and public service, but must also address the task of self-renewal.’
    • ‘This results in both self-renewal of the stem cell and the production of a daughter cell, which will become committed to a pathway of differentiation.’
    • ‘He alone, however, possessed the power of self-renewal.’
    • ‘Chapters cover herbs, nutrition, yoga, and other techniques for self-renewal.’
    • ‘As a woman keeping company with a goddess, one becomes aware of an unmistakable power of self-renewal.’
    • ‘Starting the day off well is a powerful strategy for self-renewal and personal effectiveness.’
    • ‘If anything, it shows the continuity of jazz and its capacity for self-renewal.’
    • ‘Stem cells need to balance the requirement for self-renewal and a commitment to differentiation.’
    • ‘The play's main appeal, however, lies in its suggestion that age is no barrier to self-renewal.’
    • ‘John's last discourse shows both the self-aggrandizement that comes from abusing a text and the self-renewal that comes from letting oneself be used by it.’
    • ‘Recently, endothelial cells, co-cultured with neural stem cells were shown to stimulate the self-renewal of cells and expand neurogenesis.’