Definition of self-censorship in English:



  • The exercising of control over what one says and does, especially to avoid castigation.

    ‘a climate of self-censorship, fear, and hypocrisy’
    • ‘In general, European countries have strict laws against such abuse and Europe's mainstream media are in any case usually good at exercising self-censorship.’
    • ‘One of the most principled aspects of their decision was that political pressure on publishers to exercise a form of self-censorship should be resisted.’
    • ‘The administration is counting on the media to exercise self-censorship and curtail reports of US atrocities that are seen as inevitable.’
    • ‘This will inevitably focus on calls for artists to exercise self-censorship.’
    • ‘The press is heavily controlled and intimidated into self-censorship.’
    • ‘There is a lot of fear and self-censorship around.’
    • ‘His good relationship with the authorities was bought at the price of both self-censorship and compliance with formal censorship.’
    • ‘Critics accused them of self-censorship but both broadcasters denied the charge.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, self-censorship isn't limited solely to critical or controversial stories involving the royals.’
    • ‘Despite several degrees of self-censorship in those chatrooms, the number of incidents where the government followed an online outcry is countless.’
    • ‘Has self-censorship ever been an issue for you?’
    • ‘The press practices self-censorship under government threat.’
    • ‘I am deeply bothered by the kind of self-censorship that has been going on in the arts, especially in the U.S.’
    • ‘The press gallery simply needs to resist self-censorship.’
    • ‘The most insidious form of censorship is self-censorship.’
    • ‘In addition, such laws create ‘thought crimes’ and self-censorship.’
    • ‘They have to practise self-censorship as a fact of life.’
    • ‘When combined with media self-censorship, these free-floating alerts could readily generate a cascade of mass hysteria.’
    • ‘Racist stereotyping, harassment and self-censorship all played out in that brief encounter.’
    • ‘Jessie, if there is any censorship in the postings that I have read on this site, it is self-censorship.’



/ˌselfˈsensərˌSHip/ /ˌsɛlfˈsɛnsərˌʃɪp/