Definition of self-cleaning in English:



  • (of an object or apparatus) able to clean itself.

    ‘a self-cleaning oven’
    • ‘If your manual recommends it, porcelain bowls can occasionally be cleaned in a self-cleaning oven cycle, upside down on oven racks.’
    • ‘Some systems filter the graywater with a fine-meshed bag, some with self-cleaning canisters of clean sand and others with paper-cartridge chambers.’
    • ‘We've had the self-basting turkey and the self-cleaning oven.’
    • ‘At the other end of the entrance hall, the kitchen has German Shaker-style units, a self-cleaning oven, five-ring gas hob, integrated fridge-freezer and dishwasher, and polished granite worktops.’
    • ‘Others hate cleaning their ovens with a passion reserved for little else, and put this chore off as long as possible, even when they own self-cleaning ovens.’
    • ‘For our third and final lift we bought a microwave, a Maytag dryer, a self-cleaning oven, and everything else we thought we might need for the rest of our lives.’
    • ‘Unlike the loos of old, they have self-cleaning mechanisms, so in theory they should be clean - or at least minimally unpleasant.’
    • ‘In addition, the patented, automatic self-cleaning vacuum eliminates the need for filter cleaning, reducing maintenance time.’
    • ‘Investigation proved jams resulted from not cleaning the rifle, and that it was not a self-cleaning weapon as manufacturers claimed.’
    • ‘However, look closely in your manual, and there will be a combination of buttons on your printer that will make your printer go through a self-cleaning process.’
    • ‘It's a self-cleaning, electric litter box, but nothing is quite so satisfying as having a human doing the scooping for you.’
    • ‘Another new development is self-cleaning glass.’
    • ‘Examples include the self-cleaning windows and spill-resistant pants that Bailey mentions.’
    • ‘Ultima will clean the inside of the glass panels, because the outside is coated with a self-cleaning laminate, which doesn't allow dust or dirt to settle.’
    • ‘All very reasonable arguments and succinctly put, but in my opinion reusable nappies still have one fatal flaw - they are not self-cleaning.’
    • ‘Every housewife's dream is - drum roll, please - self-cleaning windows.’
    • ‘Their ovens are the only ones on the market which constantly display the temperature, and best of all, they're truly self-cleaning.’
    • ‘The writing is on the wall for window cleaners everywhere today, with the launch of the world's first self-cleaning glass.’
    • ‘Perhaps this explains the non-appearance of the self-cleaning shower cubicle.’
    • ‘Features included a self-cleaning bath, and remote control for the TV and lights.’