Definition of self-consistent in English:



  • Not having parts or aspects which are in conflict or contradiction with each other; consistent.

    ‘the theory is both rigorous and self-consistent’
    • ‘I can't vouch for the quality of the scientific references, but the information certainly seemed self-consistent and reasonable.’
    • ‘The ideas are not always going to be those we personally hold, and indeed are not always going to be internally self-consistent.’
    • ‘More than that, there is a positive pleasure in an intricate, sweeping and self-consistent act of creation.’
    • ‘Feed them a complete and self-consistent background mythology to make the big lie sound plausible when it comes.’
    • ‘We have carried out a self-consistent field study of the fusion of membranes consisting of flexible block copolymers in a solvent of homopolymer.’
    • ‘To do so, we employ a standard model of amphiphilic polymers, which we describe in the next section, and solve it within the framework of self-consistent field theory.’
    • ‘The myth that we perpetrate is that mathematics is reliable, self-consistent, and immutable, and that ‘good’ mathematicians do not make mistakes.’
    • ‘Scenario planning involves the creation of a number (typically two to four) complete scenarios of the future, each of which is self-consistent but significantly different from the others.’
    • ‘Attacked and defended by a thousand politicians and pamphleteers, it has held the field as the only theory which provides an intelligible, self-consistent, workable system.’
    • ‘Molecular dynamics is now capable of calculating pressure profiles using a completely self-consistent model that treats all elements of the bilayer and solvent with equal accuracy.’
    • ‘As yet, we do not know if these coincidences are just lucky outcomes of all possibilities, or whether there is one and only one possible combination that is logically self-consistent.’
    • ‘The self-consistent approximation is a crude one, since in the case of the genetic switch, the state of a given gene is often determined by the number of protein products of the other gene.’
    • ‘Working at about the same time, Heisenberg formulated matrix mechanics, which was the first complete and self-consistent theory of quantum mechanics.’
    • ‘The methods they used have all been developed before by string theorists, but their merit was to put together the different techniques in a self-consistent manner.’
    • ‘People begin to realise that while anarchism may be the most beautiful and self-consistent political idea out there, the process of actually making it happen would be utterly horrific.’
    • ‘Therefore, the collapse is not self-consistent with the initial scaling hypothesis and consequently is incorrect.’
    • ‘This study is an attempt to determine whether standard concepts of fluid mechanics can yield a self-consistent model of this process.’
    • ‘The third step is to ascertain that the specifications are self-consistent.’
    • ‘Therefore, a self-consistent method is necessary to determine these parameters.’
    • ‘Every statement gains its validity by fitting into a self-consistent model, and by becoming a useful tool to myself or others.’



/ˌselfkənˈsistənt/ /ˌsɛlfkənˈsɪstənt/