Definition of self-doubting in English:



  • Lacking confidence in oneself and one's abilities; unconfident.

    ‘a fragile, confused, self-doubting paranoiac’
    • ‘He fumbles yet another serious role, failing to plumb the self-doubting depths of his conflicted character.’
    • ‘Thankfully, Martin's status as a secure family man hasn't made the self-doubting nature of his lyrics vanish.’
    • ‘Most of the students were uncertain and self-doubting about their capacity to write a paper, speak publicly, or rebel against authority.’
    • ‘Is political theatre just an outlet for self-doubting, defeated actors?’
    • ‘These were geniuses too busy and self-doubting to think of themselves as geniuses.’
    • ‘It shows the national hero traumatized and self-doubting, and vanquished by forces he never quite understands.’
    • ‘All artists feed on themselves, and most, are introspective, self-doubting and reflective.’
    • ‘Last year, with my whole world in a state of flux, I was too self-absorbed and self-doubting to be able to work it out.’
    • ‘He once turned down the chance of becoming a candidate for parliament: he was much too self-effacing, and self-doubting, to do that.’
    • ‘He was by nature insecure and self-doubting, the victim of depressive moods and bouts of indolence.’
    • ‘His Self-Portrait (1941), painted after a period of personal and political turbulence, presents the painter in a pensive, almost self-doubting, mood.’
    • ‘Both characters lack basic happiness - Victor is habitually self-doubting, while Kelly is emerging from an abusive relationship.’
    shy, bashful, modest, self-effacing, unassuming, unpresuming, humble, meek, unconfident, unassertive, timid, timorous, shrinking, reserved, withdrawn, introverted, inhibited