Definition of self-explanatory in English:


Pronunciation /ˈˌsɛlf ɛkˈsplænəˌtɔri/

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  • Easily understood; not needing explanation.

    ‘the film's title is fairly self-explanatory’
    • ‘Most of the data fields are self-explanatory; however, explanation is required on a few.’
    • ‘The Python code is quite straightforward and self-explanatory.’
    • ‘I tried to make it as straightforward and self-explanatory as I could but be sure to point out anything I missed or should add.’
    • ‘This is a pretty straight-forward and self-explanatory clause, but it's important none the less.’
    • ‘The author has used simple language and self-explanatory illustrations throughout the text.’
    • ‘For repression the most obvious and self-explanatory mechanism is steric hindrance.’
    • ‘Firstly, the main task of metaphysics is to offer ultimate explanations of facts which are not self-explanatory either when taken in themselves or even when related to each other.’
    • ‘Whereas some of these categories are self-explanatory, several others may require further explanation.’
    • ‘Far from being self-explanatory, it can only be understood by reference to material outside itself.’
    • ‘Their meaning, in whole or part, is self-explanatory.’
    • ‘Hands on hips is a rather self-explanatory gesture.’
    • ‘Stanley takes the statement at face value as self-explanatory.’
    • ‘I think the embarrassment factor is pretty self-explanatory there.’
    • ‘The Dutch duo return with a rather self-explanatory title.’
    • ‘More than that they take a subject which, on first blush, seems self-explanatory and reveal a host of questions about it.’
    • ‘With that in mind, the last two downloads should be self-explanatory.’
    • ‘The pleasant-looking posters on the 18 career zones are self-explanatory.’
    • ‘Whenever I go back to Iowa, I remember how self-explanatory the landscape looks.’
    • ‘The title is self-explanatory, the idea being that each track is based around a sample from a year between 1964 and 1995.’
    • ‘His work, which he never showed to anyone, was far from self-explanatory.’
    easily understood, readily comprehensible, intelligible, straightforward, unambiguous, unproblematic, accessible, clearly expressed, user-friendly, simple, self-evident, obvious, clear, crystal clear
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