Definition of self-hatred in English:


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(also self-hate)
  • Intense dislike of oneself.

    ‘First, oppressed groups often exhibit self-hatred and dislike for members of their own group.’
    • ‘The truth is, I've been externalising my inner self-hate through my disdain for all people and things geeky.’
    • ‘The negativity they feel coming at them from others fuels their own self-hatred, causing a more intense projection of that hatred outward to others.’
    • ‘Plagued by gloominess and self-hatred, Hamlet often contemplates suicide and berates himself for delaying his vengeance.’
    • ‘As a teenager, I wanted to avoid feeling self-hatred and disgust.’
    • ‘This fuels a vicious downward spiral of self-hatred and hatred of anomalous others from which it is difficult for the political discriminator to escape.’
    • ‘I think this, in part, is why self-love and self-hate co-exist in my poems, as they did in life.’
    • ‘The predominant emotion was disgust and self-hate mixed with an urgent desire for expiation.’
    • ‘Is this misogyny just a reflection of her self-hatred?’
    • ‘Obsessively monitoring lines and wrinkles, swollen ankles and grey hairs, they are haunted by feelings of self-hatred and inadequacy.’
    • ‘If it sounds as though I mock the sport, the truth is I am just like the third-grade bully who teases because of his or her own debilitating self-hatred.’
    • ‘Am I indulging in fashionable western self-hatred?’
    • ‘I would hide my fear and loathing from people, I would put on a mask and pretend to be happy - but the slightest little knock and I would plummet into feelings of self-hatred.’
    • ‘Does being a Cool Rich Kid necessarily entail self-hatred?’
    • ‘There are things worse than suffering and dying, such as despair, self-hatred or losing connections with the people who matter to you.’
    • ‘She warned that if a child did not receive help, this could lead to feelings of self-hatred and could result in self-mutilation and even suicide attempts.’
    • ‘Today I am feeling much more self-hatred than usual.’
    • ‘There is in this country a considerable cultural self-hatred.’
    • ‘This mix of self-hatred and bravado infuses the music.’



/ˈˌself ˈhātrəd/ /ˈˌsɛlf ˈheɪtrəd/