Definition of self-interest in English:


Pronunciation /sɛlf ˈɪnt(ə)rəst/

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  • One's personal interest or advantage, especially when pursued without regard for others.

    ‘the assumption that individuals are primarily motivated by self-interest’
    • ‘It is a reminder of the delicate line that lies between self-interest and the national interest.’
    • ‘The notion that a small group would disrupt the event for reasons of self-interest will be regarded as distasteful.’
    • ‘The relative importance of self-interest against public interest was clear from the start.’
    • ‘By pursuing their own self-interest, individuals are inadvertently promoting the public good.’
    • ‘Indonesia was again becoming an area tied together by economic advantages and self-interest.’
    • ‘It was not motivated by public interest or community need, but by self-interest and political need.’
    • ‘It was hard to tell if their support was motivated by self-interest in ensuring water supply to the cities.’
    • ‘Instead of visionaries to lead the way, the game has suffered under the guidance of men motivated by self-interest.’
    • ‘It's not in many people's self-interest, at least those that count, to dig up the truth.’
    • ‘There is obviously a desire to help people, but self-interest does play a part.’
    • ‘That has led critics to claim that Labour resistance is motivated by self-interest.’
    • ‘The idea behind a market economy is that everybody pursues his/her own self-interest.’
    • ‘By pursuing a policy of pure American self-interest, equally, he can keep things simple.’
    • ‘The second way is to appeal instead to other people's self-interest.’
    • ‘This latest display of public generosity once again rebuts the myth that most people only have self-interest at heart.’
    • ‘Some are very helpful and others are motivated as much by self-interest as service.’
    • ‘The existence of the community required that all find some measure of self-interest and self-respect.’
    • ‘In place of the pursuit of national self-interest, the needs of millions of ordinary people will have to be addressed.’
    • ‘A central and crucial lesson was that people had to cast off the blinkers of local self-interest.’
    • ‘When people are busy promoting their own self-interest they are invariably better at helping the rest of mankind.’
    self-seeking, self-serving, self-obsession, self-absorption, self-regard, egocentrism, egotism, egomania, introversion, selfishness
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