Definition of self-parody in English:


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  • The intentional or inadvertent parodying or exaggeration of one's usual behavior or speech.

    ‘they are soft-spoken and clean-cut to the point of self-parody’
    • ‘As with the late cinema of Pasolini, it's hard to know where provocation ends and camp self-parody begins.’
    • ‘Unlike many actors of his generation, he has respected and honed his talent rather than squandered it indiscriminately or succumbed to the rigor mortis of self-parody.’
    • ‘Now, almost a decade later, his words sound like self-parody.’
    • ‘I wouldn't have characterized it as self-parody.’
    • ‘On second thought, Al may have a career in self-parody.’
    • ‘It is funny, as unintentional self-parody often is.’
    • ‘In either case, this backfires because his fans may feel robbed of witnessing his all-conquering self-parody, but I digress.’
    • ‘Never before has Apple soared to such heights of self-parody!’
    • ‘It would have enabled Webber to pull off the magnificent feat of taking self-parody to the edge of the cliff and then running right back to tell a creative story.’
    • ‘Isn't satirizing self-parody akin to shooting fish in a petri dish?’
    • ‘Perhaps there is even an element of self-parody.’
    • ‘Continue peddling misery and you risk self-parody.’
    • ‘As a result, she made innuendo and self-parody into a fine art, writing the scripts of five out of her nine Hollywood movies.’
    • ‘To make an album like this you've got to have lived music for more than 20 years and yet never settled for clichés or self-parody.’
    • ‘They dance along the knife-edge of self-parody and total irrelevance, but they never topple over.’
    • ‘At times their ignorance degenerated into self-parody.’
    • ‘By the end, self-parody was his only reliable source of income.’
    • ‘His deft portrayal of English stoicism and self-parody brings a welcome humour and poignancy to the production.’
    • ‘We may feel that we have heard it before, but not as if we are reading self-parody.’
    • ‘He has tip-toed to the edge of self-parody and beat an honourable retreat.’



/ˈˌself ˈperədē/ /ˈˌsɛlf ˈpɛrədi/