Definition of selfie stick in English:

selfie stick

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  • A device in the form of a rod on which a camera or smartphone may be mounted, enabling the person holding it to take a photograph of themselves from a greater distance than if holding the camera or smartphone in their hand.

    ‘some concert venues have banned selfie sticks over fears they block the view of the stage’
    • ‘The singer captured his St. Barts vacation with the help of a selfie stick.’
    • ‘The biggest Christmas craze this year was undoubtedly the selfie stick, which ended up in half the population's stockings.’
    • ‘Then I saw at least three other people with selfie sticks.’
    • ‘The player was up to more of his social media antics yesterday as he brought out the selfie stick to snap his team-mates.’
    • ‘He posted a selfie stick snap of his amazing abs during show rehearsals.’
    • ‘A general rule we should probably all follow, only use selfie sticks if you and your friends are sober.’
    • ‘Selfie sticks make the process easier and the result more fetching.’
    • ‘Selfie sticks come in various colors, and you can use them with pretty much any smartphone.’
    • ‘You should see the selfie sticks all the tourists traipsing around Asia have these days.’
    • ‘A mate of mine gave me this selfie stick and we started using it on the night out.’


Early 21st century from selfie.