Definition of selfishly in English:



  • With a lack of consideration for other people due to concern with one's own personal profit or pleasure.

    ‘they continue to act selfishly at the expense of others’
    ‘political activity is by no means invariably selfishly motivated’
    • ‘Please don't sacrifice our children's access for tomorrow by selfishly breaking the law today.’
    • ‘I hoped I hadn't kept her from something by selfishly making her talk with me tonight instead of on Friday.’
    • ‘Such exhortations are the railings of hypocrites who selfishly skewer non-believers with the power they all-the-time possess.’
    • ‘For a moment he selfishly planned not to warn her.’
    • ‘Some insects selfishly lay their own eggs in empty cells rather than taking care of the queen's eggs.’
    • ‘Selfishly, he abandoned the car in the middle of the road, holding up all the traffic behind him.’
    • ‘He is right to point out that our response to national disasters is often selfishly inappropriate.’
    • ‘During the communal drug culture of the 1960s, 'to bogart' meant to selfishly smoke a joint without sharing.’
    • ‘Unions that back them are selfishly using the political process to enrich themselves at others' expense.’
    • ‘Selfishly speaking, I am almost tempted to let this state of affairs pass unremarked.’