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nounplural noun semis

  • 1North American A tractor-trailer.

    • ‘she pulled into the path of a semi’
    • ‘Stephanie pressed hard on the accelerator and the car shot forward out of the trucks path, the semi missing them by less than a foot.’
    • ‘It looks suspiciously like a freezer, only very, very large; like the trailer of a semi.’
    • ‘Their semi pulls 30-foot grain trailers instead of normal 40-footers.’
    • ‘Motioning with their flashlights on either side of the trailer, Anthony and his new employer got the semi backed up to the crumbling cement dock of Fourteen building.’
  • 2A semifinal.

    • ‘they defeated them in the semi’
    • ‘With two quarter-finals and both semis still outstanding, tournament organisers must decide whether to stretch the final over to Monday or abandon the event, as they were forced to do in 1998.’
    • ‘Her game just kept improving with every round, she played some tough matches, demolished the defending champion in the semis and survived a battle of attrition in the final.’
    • ‘For somebody who has been back barely four months, her progress has been miraculous: she won the Washington Open and has reached the semis or quarters of five other tournaments.’
    • ‘The caprice of the draw created an intriguing dynamic, as the top-half quarter-final pairings constituted a pair of rematches from the Hyder semis.’
    • ‘A disappointing match but when the quarters and semis are played on the same day, this sort of burn out performance is bound to happen.’
    • ‘Woodhouse Grange have reached the final of a leading York district cricket tournament - without having played a semi or quarter-final.’
    • ‘Their clash will be one of only three matches scheduled for this weekend, before two full rounds over the next two Saturdays will complete the pointscore championship and herald the semis.’
    • ‘The closest game according to the markets will be tonight's Panthers v St George game - and I think it will be the match of the semis.’
    • ‘Assuming they get the necessary point against Croatia on Monday, inevitable disaster awaits the Poms in the quarters or semis.’
    • ‘The venues for both the League quarter finals and semis will be announced on Sunday night after the preliminary round games take place.’
    • ‘Because of yesterday's rain, both the men's quarter-finals and women's semis were pushed back a day.’
    • ‘Laois hurlers start preparations for the league and championship with an away game to Meath in the Walsh Cup on Sunday with the winners facing Offaly in the semi on the following Sunday.’
    • ‘I've always done well there - quarters, semis and a fourth round I think is not bad.’
    • ‘The 100-up format (best of five games for the league, best of seven for the quarters and semis and best of nine for the final) does not give much of a chance for one to recover.’
    • ‘I would get to the quarters or the semis and I was very tired already, and I couldn't imagine myself playing two or three weeks in a row.’
    • ‘The Coca-Cola Challenge, Knock Out Cup preliminaries, quarter-finals and semis will be played after the end of the league season.’
    • ‘The quarters and semis will follow on Saturday, with the final set for 12: 45 Sunday afternoon.’
    • ‘He also needed a five game comeback in his quarter-final to reach the semis.’
    • ‘The quarters and semis will both take place tomorrow, with the final set for early Sunday afternoon.’
    • ‘Ferrero and Coria will meet in the semis in a rematch of the 2003 Monte Carlo final, which Ferrero won.’
  • 3British A semidetached house.

    • ‘a three-bedroom semi’
    • ‘They also plan to buy a bigger house than their three-bedroom semi, although Mr Stone said he would not leave his job as an IT analyst in South Manchester.’
    • ‘York, he said, had many good properties from two- and three-bedroom town and terraced houses to semis and riverside apartments.’
    • ‘Parallel to the seafront, Castle Avenue is a quirky road of elegant Victorian red-brick houses, 1930s-built semis and modest bungalows.’
    • ‘Hollowshaw was kicked out of the three-bedroom semi after the housing association won a court order for possession.’
    • ‘My first house was a three-bed semi in Saundersted, Surrey, which I bought for £15,500, £14,500 of which I had to borrow.’
    • ‘Due for completion in February, Ridgewood is situated at Forrest Road in Swords and has a mix of two-bedroom townhouses, four-bedroom semis and four-bedroom detached houses.’
    • ‘A development of three- and five-bedroom town houses, two-bedroom apartments and three-bed semis.’
    • ‘Eddie, an engineer by trade, started building his ‘castle’ when the run-down semi attached to his house went on the market.’
    • ‘Their house is a two-bedroom semi in Melbourne, 12 miles from York.’
    • ‘She bought a neighbouring semi to house her collection.’
    • ‘Bookings are now being taken off the plans for six two-bedroom semi-detached houses, three three-bedroom semis and 12 four-bedroom semis.’
    • ‘The development is made up of five unit styles: two- and three-bedroom townhouses, three-bedroom semis and four-bedroom semis with or without a kitchen extension.’
    • ‘They have performed in a range of different homes from suburban semis and flats to country mansions.’
    • ‘The house was a three bedroomed semi with a joint garden at the front and an overgrown jungle at the back where bushes and vines actually reached out of chest high grass to scratch and scrape at the back porch.’
    • ‘We're on the Medway estate, a well-kept network of mock Tudor semis and desirable council housing complete with spring blossom and multi-car ownership.’
    • ‘Even a three-bedroom semi would be worth considerably more today than our modest cottage.’
    • ‘Prices range from £115,500 for a three-bedroom semi to £169,900 for a four-bedroom detached house.’
    • ‘Mr Cunningham said the fuel bill for the three-bedroom semi he shares with his wife and two children is on average between £200 and £300 a quarter.’
    • ‘Sitting one day in their three-bedroom semi in Audenshaw, Andy and Anna looked out to see two teenagers climbing up a drainpipe of the Junction pub opposite.’
    • ‘Hannah's father, David, is a coal merchant and the family live in a three-bedroom semi.’
    small house, house, bungalow, villa, lodge, chalet, cabin, shack, shanty



/ˈsemī/ /ˈsɛmaɪ/


Early 20th century abbreviation.