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  • 1(of a work, event, moment, or figure) strongly influencing later developments.

    ‘his seminal work on chaos theory’
    • ‘The artist has had a seminal influence on the development of modern Irish music, since he first hit the scene in Dublin in the 1960s.’
    • ‘In 1870 he produced a seminal volume that would influence generations of garden-makers throughout the world.’
    • ‘The rugged brick and timber house he designed for his family on a sloping bush site in Chatswood in 1963 was a seminal work that greatly influenced the development of the Sydney School.’
    • ‘Both albums are seminal in tracing the development of a movement that is maturing rapidly, but not losing sight of its roots.’
    • ‘The other investigates the philosophical equivalent of the big bang, which is to say the seminal influences on the human mind.’
    • ‘How do you market a house that represents one of the seminal moments in the development of our culture?’
    • ‘A seminal influence was watching his mother on stage as Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’
    • ‘‘Gaz’ was a seminal influence on Koz, who admired and to some extent emulated the older man's daring and defiant individuality.’
    • ‘It continues to be our view that the unfolding dislocation in the derivatives marketplace, the linchpin for the money and credit bubble, is a similarly seminal development.’
    • ‘Though based on the West Coast she had a seminal influence on the New York experimental dance scene and during the early 1960s her works appeared in avant-garde festivals in Europe.’
    • ‘Irish music and song brought to America by generations of immigrants have played a seminal role in the development of America's folk and country music.’
    • ‘Andre frequently cited Stonehenge, which he visited on his first trip to Europe at age nineteen, as a seminal influence on his sculpture.’
    • ‘This was one of the seminal developments of the century.’
    • ‘Both writers were a seminal influence on early gangsta rap.’
    • ‘It is ironic that such a seminal development takes place inside a rifle that outwardly is so similar to a percussion Model 700.’
    • ‘All inductees, whose seminal work has been influential in the medical and scientific worlds, are pioneers in their respective fields.’
    • ‘Neither the insipid colouring nor the androgynous figures help to give the fresco presence, but it remains a seminal work in the development of Neoclassicism.’
    • ‘Their work was seminal in the development of abstract art generally and the Expressionist movement particularly.’
    • ‘This second publication proved much less successful than the first, which remained seminal in the development of scientific thought.’
    • ‘The establishment of fisheries commissions, and the gradual enlargement of their powers, was a seminal development.’
    influential, formative, groundbreaking, pioneering, original, creative, innovative
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  • 2Relating to or denoting semen.

    ‘the spermatozoa are washed to separate them from the seminal plasma’
    • ‘The seminal plasma of mammals is a complex fluid, which serves as a carrier for the spermatozoa in their journey from the male testes to their target, the female uterus.’
    • ‘The seminal plasma of mammals contains a group of acidic proteins that bind to the spermatozoa.’
    • ‘At the same time the seminal vesicles and prostate gland contract and release seminal fluid into the urethra.’
    • ‘Preparation of sperm for assisted conception: motile sperm can be successfully separated from seminal plasma using density gradients such as Puresperm.’
    • ‘In addition, he says, the seminal fluid of the male coagulates to form a plug in the female that stays in place until pregnancy and likely prevents further mating.’
    • ‘The caput and caudal epididymal regions were separated, and washed with ice-cold physiological saline in order to remove seminal plasma.’
    • ‘In that case, hypersensitivity to human seminal plasma was diagnosed.’
    • ‘During routine sperm preparation for use in assisted conception, sperm are separated from their seminal plasma in order to concentrate the subpopulation with the best morphology and motility.’
    • ‘The African Chiromantis builds arboreal foam nests, which may be, in part, made of seminal fluid.’
    • ‘In addition to its role in sperm competition, seminal fluid stimulates oviposition and reduces female receptivity to future mating.’
    • ‘In mice, the signal that facilitates sperm movement probably does not reside in the seminal fluid but is provided by the sperm themselves.’
    • ‘These males also ejaculated more seminal fluid and produced longer sperm than did their guarding competitors.’
    • ‘The seminal vesicles and prostate gland produce a whitish fluid called seminal fluid, which mixes with sperm to form semen when a male is sexually stimulated.’
    • ‘It is present in serum, urine, and seminal fluid and is responsible for liquefying semen immediately following ejaculation.’
    • ‘In Drosophila species, the male accessory gland secretes seminal fluids transferred to the female during copulation.’
    • ‘In the operating room scurry the seminal vesicles which transport seminal fluid may have been cut, or he suffered secondary infection, leaving him sterile, though certainly not impotent.’
    • ‘Lahn's group studied semenogelin, a major protein in the seminal fluid that controls the viscosity of semen immediately following ejaculation.’
    • ‘Drosophila melanogaster seminal fluid proteins stimulate sperm storage and egg laying in the mated female but also cause a reduction in her life span.’
    • ‘Vasectomy works by using a clip to block the vas deferens, which connects the testicles to the urethra and keeps sperm out of the seminal fluid.’
    • ‘He suggested that the secretions of the testis were present in the seminal fluid containing sperm.’
    spermatic, sperm, seed
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    1. 2.1Botany Relating to or derived from the seed of a plant.
      ‘the seminal root system’
      • ‘Upon the death of the seminal root the plant fragments into several independent stolon systems and begins the clonal stage of its life cycle.’
      • ‘In the uniform exodermis of seminal roots of Zea mays, intact plasmodesmata were found even in exodermal cells where the walls were suberized.’
      • ‘Seminal roots do not form a coleorhiza since the scutellar node tissue is already differentiated when seminal roots emerge and can easily be penetrated.’
      • ‘The seedlings when submerged had only primary roots and rudimentary seminal roots.’
      • ‘One week after germination, plants were transferred into hydroponic conditions with Hoagland solution, and the seminal shoots were cut off.’



/ˈsemən(ə)l/ /ˈsɛmən(ə)l/


Late Middle English (in seminal (sense 2)): from Old French seminal or Latin seminalis, from semen ‘seed’. seminal (sense 1) dates from the mid 17th century.