Definition of semipermanent in English:



  • Less than permanent, but with some stability or endurance.

    ‘the company employs him on a semipermanent basis’
    • ‘The proposed could accommodate 11 taxis at any one time - eight permanent spaces and three semi-permanent.’
    • ‘A large majority of those people will be living in semi-permanent or permanent houses in two years, the United Nations said.’
    • ‘Both options suggest that Africa should be given two permanent or semi-permanent seats.’
    • ‘In the warmer months of spawning season longear sunfish are generally found in shallower, warmer headwaters of streams which have numerous pools with permanent or semi-permanent flow.’
    • ‘A colored film forms over each hair and washes off with shampoo - a safe way to test out a hair color before plunging into the realm of semi-permanent and permanent dyes.’
    • ‘As a hunter-gatherer society, the Cahuilla established a number of permanent and semi-permanent settlements within the valley.’
    • ‘But where the state of affairs is permanent or semi-permanent, as may be so in the case of a mentally disordered person, there is no point in waiting to obtain the patient's consent.’
    • ‘Permanent and semi-permanent homes resembling igloos were built of sticks and branches plastered with mud, and with cow dung on the roofs.’
    • ‘Settlements were semi-permanent or permanent hamlets and villages, often in river valleys and at intervals of about 20 km.’
    • ‘An examination of the shelves at my local organic supermarket yielded several options for both permanent and semi-permanent dyes.’
    • ‘First, it contains permanent, or semi-permanent, tax cuts when the need is for temporary one-time tax relief.’
    • ‘Since the Middle Ages, the British army and its antecedents consisted of both a part-time force and a permanent or semi-permanent component.’
    • ‘It is significant to see that amongst the illustrations that he offered is the case of permanent or semi-permanent mental disorder calling for a wider range of care.’
    • ‘This week, they announced they will close another 800 on a semi-permanent basis due to staff shortages.’
    • ‘Since I've been over here on this semi-permanent basis, I have found almost universal kindness and politeness.’
    • ‘Scientists have been trying for half a century to figure out a way to get us there on at least a semi-permanent basis, to no avail.’
    • ‘It is now on display at the National Trust office in Coleshill on a semi-permanent basis.’
    • ‘The patient has a tube inserted through the abdominal wall into the peritoneal cavity, and this remains in place on a semi-permanent basis.’
    • ‘I live in Alaska and I'm preparing to move to Thailand on a semi-permanent basis.’
    • ‘Winter hairstyles should contain warm colours, she informed me, so a chocolate-brown semi-permanent colour was used throughout, complemented by honey-coloured permanent highlights.’



/ˌsemēˈpərmənənt/ /ˌsɛmiˈpərmənənt/ /ˌsemīˈpərmənənt/ /ˌsɛmaɪˈpərmənənt/