Definition of semiprecious in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsemēˈpreSHəs/ /ˌsɛmiˈprɛʃəs/ /ˌsemīˈpreSHəs/ /ˌsɛmaɪˈprɛʃəs/

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  • Denoting minerals which can be used as gems but are considered to be less valuable than precious stones.

    ‘beads of semiprecious stones’
    • ‘The exhibition also has a wide array of products such as necklaces, bangles, full and half-sets, pendants, precious and semi-precious stones, designer jewellery and birthstones.’
    • ‘The combination of gold with creative materials, colourful precious stones and semi-precious stones is also very much in vogue.’
    • ‘The products on display include necklaces, bangles, full and half sets, pendants, coins, precious and semi-precious stones, designer jewellery and birth-stones.’
    • ‘The pharaoh sat in the larger throne in-layed with many semi-precious jewels and minerals.’
    • ‘Grave goods included finely crafted gold earrings, beads of gold, and other semi-precious stones, armlets, and rings (five gold rings were found on her left forefinger alone).’
    • ‘I have used precious and semi-precious stones in pendants, rings and bracelets.’
    • ‘The company is searching for titanium (a hard light metal used in a variety of industries) and zircon (a semi-precious stone used in the jewellery trade).’
    • ‘Combined with birthstones and semi-precious gems, the necklaces also make stylish, yet affordable gifts for friends and acquaintances.’
    • ‘The product sectors exhibited in the Hall ranged from manufactured products, non-metallic minerals, processed foods and precious and semi-precious stones.’
    • ‘Earrings, studs, pendants and a full bridal set, coloured, semi-precious and precious stones studded on 18-carat yellow gold and white metal - they were all there.’
    • ‘Particularly in the Saxon pagan period, gold jewellery was often inset with precious or semi-precious stones such as garnet.’
    • ‘So, we often use semi-precious stones for serious jewellery.’
    • ‘Take a look at designer handbags from Madagascar, silk scarves from Thailand, cushions and embroidered decorations from the Indian sub-continent and a selection of jewellery set with semi-precious stones.’
    • ‘There are intricate bronze lamps with electrical flame, large idols of the laughing Buddha, an ornate wooden swing, trendy jute bags and silver jewellery with semi-precious stones, beads and pearls.’
    • ‘The traditional kundan work has also been embellished with semi-precious and precious stones and beads such as tourmalines, tanzanites, opals, aquamarine and peridots.’
    • ‘This is an attractive and fascinating shop where one can visit the restaurant or just browse through shelves of semi-precious rocks and stones imported from all parts of the world.’
    • ‘Yet it is equally factual that nearly in every part of Zambia there are some semi-precious or precious stones lying in superfluity, waiting to be exploited.’
    • ‘Chrysolite can also refer to peridot, a yellow-green semi-precious stone, and in Lilly's day probably referred to most yellowish gems.’
    • ‘Beautifully arranged strands of semi-precious stones, earrings and pearls beckon them to take a second look.’
    • ‘They design, cut and set a variety of semi-precious and precious stones into charming pieces.’