Definition of sense datum in English:

sense datum


  • An immediate object of perception, which is not a material object; a sense impression.

    ‘the material world cannot be directly grasped via sense data or empirical observation’
    • ‘This way of putting it will appear absurd, if understanding is subsuming a sense datum under an idea, and if the body is an object.’
    • ‘If both science and religion both use logic and faith, then they are just competing systems of organizing our sense data.’
    • ‘I believe the world to be only ideas, sense data, perceptions, call it what you will.’
    • ‘Postmodern theorists tell us we understand the world as a narrative, a story, what we think of as Reality is in fact a story we tell ourselves or our brains make up for us out of the flood of sense data.’
    • ‘All meaningful concepts can be reduced to sense data, and our scientific theories are simply convenient resumes of our observations.’


sense datum

/sens ˈdadəm/ /sɛns ˈdædəm/ /ˈdādəm/ /ˈdeɪdəm/