Definition of sense of proportion in English:

sense of proportion


  • The ability to judge the relative importance or seriousness of things.

    ‘just talking about it will help you to keep a sense of proportion’
    • ‘While it is important to document and acknowledge the shortcomings of public figures, it is also important to maintain a sense of proportion.’
    • ‘It is important to keep a sense of proportion about these things and, it seems to me, there are times when our elders and betters lose the run of themselves.’
    • ‘Thus Herodotus tried by means of his reportage to consolidate the most important message of Greek ethics: restraint, a sense of proportion and moderation.’
    • ‘Day-to-day life can grind away a sense of proportion and a sense of what is really important.’
    • ‘One can say that three pre-eminent qualities are decisive for the politician: passion, a feeling of responsibility, and a sense of proportion.’
    • ‘But consideration for all concerned, not to mention common sense, demands that this sensitive issue is approached with a sense of proportion.’
    • ‘Doesn't this episode suggest that what he needs, apart from a sense of proportion, is guidance, training?’
    • ‘‘In the recent balance sheet of profit and loss, the biggest loss has been any sense of proportion about the state of the economy’.’
    • ‘But affability, like intelligence, can mask a mean and meager spirit as well as the absence of a sense of proportion.’
    • ‘The Mayor is right to urge a sense of proportion - we must never lose our sense of humour - but he is also right to condemn the articles in question.’