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(also septette)
  • 1A group of seven people playing music or singing together.

    ‘Feldman scored it for an ensemble consisting of doubled woodwind quartet, brass septet, string quartet, and a trio of harp, piano, and vibraphone.’
    • ‘This is his second recording with the Magnetic North Orchestra, a septet of two trumpets, saxophone, cello, bass and drums, plus the leader's piano and keyboards.’
    • ‘The sextets and septets playing in the clubs and hotels of the capital had brought the son, the traditional Cuban dance rhythm, from the east of the island, and added trumpets to the original percussion and guitars.’
    • ‘Here appearing as a septet, the band manage 20 instruments through a spot of studio magic, playing the whole thing through twice through plus a few overdubs.’
    • ‘Glasgow septet Belle and Sebastian have always made orchestral maneuvers in the dark.’
    • ‘The 1941 Basie Band, sans Lester, is featured on two low-quality soundies, followed by five 1950 Snader telescriptions of the septet Basie led briefly after the breakup of his original band.’
    • ‘It records Rutherford's appearance at the Empty Bottle Festival in Chicago, in which he performed solo and in a septet.’
    • ‘The septet created bold and rich soundscapes that utilized both the organic and electronic veins of music-making and everyone on stage was given ample room to show their strengths as both ensemble players and soloists.’
    • ‘Since then, however, the roster has relatively stabilized into a regular septet.’
    • ‘We vs. death, a melancholic septet from Utrecht, Holland, located a mere hour from the Belgian border, have stronger ties to a discernible community of musicians.’
    • ‘It is a chronicle of his life on the road during the 1990s, when he led a now-disbanded septet that some critics considered to be among the best working jazz groups in recent years.’
    • ‘The septet split their 70-minute set into three parts.’
    • ‘Their most recent album, The Coast is Never Clear, finds the septet expanding their sound where When Your Heartstrings Break left off.’
    • ‘He comes to Wakefield Jazz with his own septet, hand-picked from the cream of London players.’
    • ‘As the band becomes more and more popular, this sort of thing becomes harder and harder to pull off, forcing the septet to settle for a regular rock club like Lee's Palace.’
    • ‘Named for actress Kim, the Birmingham septet is all over the map.’
    • ‘As part of the unique septet, Bill (second left) has enjoyed both cult and commercial success in recent years’
    • ‘Legendary in parts of Delaware but almost unknown in Philly, the Spinto Band (named for an Italian opera term) is an oddball septet split between West Chester and Wilmington.’
    • ‘Urban Divide's septet originally began as a jazz quintet, and evolved from there.’
    • ‘Few bands have emerged so perfectly formed, and lost their way so dramatically, as Glaswegian septet Belle and Sebastian.’
    group, band, orchestra, combo
    1. 1.1A composition for a septet.
      • ‘Also taking the limelight is the British premiere of a multi-media septet set to a compilation of tracks performed to Scarlatti's bright and rhythmic pieces for harpsichord.’



/sepˈtet/ /sɛpˈtɛt/


Early 19th century from German Septett, from Latin septem ‘seven’.