Definition of septum in English:


nounplural noun septa/ˈseptə/ /ˈsɛptə/

  • A partition separating two chambers, such as that between the nostrils or the chambers of the heart.

    ‘At this stage also, minor septa and shortened cardinal septum become easily identifiable.’
    • ‘The trachea is unbranched, and is formed by the division of the foregut by a longitudinal septum into two tubes - the trachea and the esophagus.’
    • ‘The ventricular septum and the atrioventricular and semilunar valves were unremarkable.’
    • ‘As in most species of balsaminoid Ericales, raphides are found in the septa of the locule wall.’
    • ‘This area includes the anterior end of the inferior turbinate, the adjacent septum and the caudal edge of the upper lateral cartilages.’



/ˈseptəm/ /ˈsɛptəm/


Mid 17th century from Latin septum, from sepire ‘enclose’, from sepes ‘hedge’.