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  • 1A person who performs duties for others, especially a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant.

    ‘Financially they were well enough established to be able to employ a domestic servant.’
    • ‘Sometimes clients or their families treat caregivers as maids or domestic servants.’
    • ‘Her uncle had been kind enough to let them live in his house as long as they remained servants in the house.’
    • ‘As soon as she opened the door, she was shocked to find the house bustling with servants.’
    • ‘Antonia's family was small but very wealthy and they had at least a hundred servants working in the house and in the vineyards.’
    • ‘You have to stay here and keep the house and the servants in order.’
    • ‘This man must really be rich, to have such a large house, and servants, I thought.’
    • ‘Even the servants doing their nightly duties didn't come across something unusual.’
    • ‘Anna, her personal servant, had forgotten to fill the pitcher.’
    • ‘Many urban households with a regular income employ live-in domestic servants, generally young unmarried women from the rural areas.’
    • ‘Not all Icelanders played this game; sometimes only household servants did.’
    • ‘The king's servant ran and brought them two goblets filled with wine.’
    • ‘Father should at least hire servants who don't cringe in fear at any given moment.’
    • ‘She clapped her hands, then the kitchen servants came in, and filled the table with plates of food.’
    • ‘Two servants came by to light up the surrounding torches.’
    • ‘He was afraid of hiring another nursemaid, and mistrusted the household servants.’
    • ‘In all the halls of the palace servants instantly laid tables for a banquet.’
    • ‘Once they were dressed the princesses showed themselves off to the visitors and palace servants.’
    • ‘We turned to see one of the castles' many servants bowing to us.’
    attendant, retainer
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    1. 1.1A person employed in the service of a government.
      ‘a government servant’
      • ‘Being in public service exposes government servants to a lot of criticism, but praise, even if rare, is a great boost.’
      • ‘Officers are employees and servants of the council and, in the last resort, take instructions from it.’
      • ‘They also urged the public to come forwards with information in case they came across corrupt government servants.’
      • ‘The law provides for private workers to receive pension benefits at retirement like government servants.’
      • ‘The first two were pride of government servants, for their unflinching loyalty to their profession.’
      • ‘Scores of executives, government servants, students and businessmen were trapped on the roads.’
      • ‘They are servants of the Government and do not become involved in commerce unless supporting official trade missions.’
      • ‘When asked, the owner as well as the Government servants said it was a recharge pit.’
      • ‘Because if there is one thing a government servant cannot do, it is look after anything under his charge.’
      • ‘He was convicted on three counts of offering advantages to a government servant.’
      • ‘My father was a government servant and we were posted in villages and small towns.’
      • ‘Because this is not a simple failure to pay the Government servants.’
      • ‘But the options before government servants like him are not vast.’
      • ‘Hello all righteous servants of the Transport Department on every level!’
      • ‘Government servants will only be given an interest free loan to rebuild.’
      • ‘Government servants should be more sensitive and careful when issuing statements on the issue.’
    2. 1.2A devoted and helpful follower or supporter.
      ‘a tireless servant of God’
      • ‘This case also reminds me that even the most devoted servants of God are not over the Gospel but beneath it.’
      • ‘The pattern made plain in the Saviour, and then the apostles, is to be followed by all his servants.’
      • ‘He was a great servant of the Conservative Party, a devoted constituency member and a very good friend.’
      • ‘The servants of this ideology seek tyranny.’
      • ‘Dehumanising them and creating the impression that they are a minority to be despised is a tactic of extremism and the servants of fascism.’
      • ‘Englishmen in India were depicted as the most conscientious servants of God.’
      • ‘The author was one Simon Peter, who referred to himself as a servant and a disciple of Jesus Christ.’
      • ‘Both of them are God's humble, obedient servants.’
      • ‘The Spirit will reign fully in us, empowering us to be humble servants of God.’
      • ‘I know lots of really lovely priests who are truly spiritual, humble servants of God.’
      • ‘Many children are recruited to the armies at a young age and raised to become loyal servants of the governments.’
      • ‘Since the Governor's death, his friends and loyal servants have constructed around him a creepy cult of personality.’
      helper, supporter, follower
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Middle English from Old French, literally ‘(person) serving’, present participle (used as a noun) of servir ‘to serve’.