Definition of servility in English:


Pronunciation /sərˈvilədē/ /sərˈvɪlədi/


  • An excessive willingness to serve or please others.

    ‘a classic example of media servility’
    • ‘The attitude of deference and servility of the senators facing them was no less nauseating.’
    • ‘He never regretted his lack of servility even though he lost the interview.’
    • ‘In no other does the spirit of servility and boot-licking display itself so openly and shamelessly.’
    • ‘The new predominant service industries require servility over skill.’
    • ‘Here, the level of servility is truly astounding.’
    obsequiousness, sycophancy, excessive deference, subservience, submissiveness, fawning, toadyism, toadying, grovelling, cringing, unctuousness, oiliness, abjectness, abjection, cravenness, slavishness, humility, self-abasement
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/sərˈvilədē/ /sərˈvɪlədi/