Definition of set aside in English:

set aside

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phrasal verb

  • 1set something aside, set aside somethingSave or keep something, typically money or time, for a particular purpose.

    • ‘the bank expected to set aside about $700 million for restructuring’
    save, put by, put aside, put away, lay aside, lay by, put to one side, keep, reserve, keep in reserve
    1. 1.1Remove land from agricultural production.
      ‘with 15% of land set aside, cereal production will fall’
      • ‘he was using his set-aside acreage to work clover into his rotation’
  • 2set something aside, set aside somethingDeclare a legal decision or process to be invalid.

    • ‘he applied by summons to set aside the notice served on them’
    overrule, overturn, reverse, revoke, countermand, rule against, nullify, render null and void, annul, cancel, quash, dismiss, reject, repudiate, abrogate, remit