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set in

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phrasal verb

  • 1(of something unpleasant or unwelcome) begin and seem likely to continue.

    ‘less hardy plants should be brought inside before cold weather sets in’
    • ‘Before the cold weather sets in, have your central heating serviced to ensure you keep your energy bills down.’
    • ‘But to get the real benefits of cheaper gas and electricity as the cold weather sets in, it is best to act now.’
    • ‘As the boats were being lowered the Tuscania took on a list to starboard and panic began to set in.’
    • ‘As cooler weather sets in over autumn and winter the plants die down and become dormant.’
    • ‘According to his research, people feel that middle age begins at 49 and old age sets in at 65.’
    • ‘In the past she has shown she is not easily cowed, but she said a deep fatigue was setting in.’
    • ‘There must be a commitment to continuous improvement, otherwise complacency sets in.’
    • ‘It takes a very focused mind indeed to do this without listener boredom setting in.’
    • ‘If the battery is healthy, it is a good idea to check the terminals and smear them with petroleum jelly to stop corrosion setting in.’
    • ‘Surgeons have to remove damaged skin quickly and replace it to prevent infection from setting in.’
    begin, start, arrive, come, develop, become established, get under way, settle in
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  • 2set something in, set in somethingInsert a part such as a sleeve into a garment.

    ‘with a properly drafted pattern you can often set the sleeve in without adding an easing stitch’
    • ‘Notice if it has drop shoulders or if the sleeves are set in at the natural armhole.’