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usually in singular
  • 1 informal The way in which something, especially an organization or equipment, is organized, planned, or arranged.

    • ‘would you feel comfortable in a team-teaching setup?’
    • ‘Every adult has a say in governing the country in a democratic set-up and each one's voice is heard and cared for.’
    • ‘There are many benefits of this set-up, some planned and some unexpected.’
    • ‘Yet, sentiments and solidarities based on caste starkly exist within its organisational set-up.’
    • ‘Its main task would be to enlighten people on the role of an elected Government in a democratic set-up and fight for their rights.’
    • ‘These conflicting results may be attributed to differences in the experimental set-up or the organisms used.’
    • ‘In addition, the set-up has to be adjusted accordingly.’
    • ‘The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the set-up of a local Farmers Market planned for the near future.’
    • ‘I believe there are good reasons to modify the set-up, but equally, great care must be taken over any such moves.’
    • ‘Under the current set-up, there is one distributor for each region of the UK.’
    • ‘The set-up feels perfect so we have no plans to change that before the second leg.’
    • ‘They want a political set-up that serves US interests.’
    • ‘Other general banking branches will also take up personal banking services through their existing set-up.’
    • ‘They are perhaps victims of their own ambition, which is more a reflection on the set-up of Scottish football than the Lanarkshire club itself.’
    • ‘This is will be a major element of the new set-up, given that the Health Service Executive will be the biggest employer in Ireland.’
    • ‘Chisholm refuses to be drawn on whether or not he would like to see the abolition of the voucher system but welcomes the Home Office pledge to review the set-up.’
    • ‘The set-up they have would put a lot of clubs to shame.’
    • ‘It remained unclear how much involvement the spy agencies MI5 and GCHQ would have in the new set-up.’
    • ‘It is a set-up that we have already established as Swapo party leadership.’
    • ‘Also, he was not satisfied with the set-up or the standard of refereeing within the league.’
    • ‘The transfer will be the second biggest in Britain - beaten only by Sunderland which disposed of some 38,000 homes in a similar set-up.’
    system, structure, organization, arrangement, framework, format, layout, configuration, composition
    1. 1.1An organization or arrangement.
      ‘in the present-day family setup, both the parents may be employed’
      • ‘He had been rowing for 12 years, five of them as part of the international set-up.’
      • ‘Running a business school under a government set-up has its disadvantages.’
      • ‘In a corporate set-up, the drive to perform better brings about stress.’
      • ‘We're a set-up of six people on stage - female vocalists, an MC, a DJ, a bass player and myself.’
      • ‘Most of the European Governments were run under a coalition set-up and there was nothing wrong in such a system if it worked effectively.’
      • ‘Academy director Martin Spong said they only have themselves to blame and claims the club has not shown any commitment to the youth set-up.’
      • ‘It was all great experience, I suppose, but I got thrown into the international set-up before I should have been.’
      • ‘For security and safety reasons, the only other person in the British set-up allowed at ringside will be the Olympic squad's doctor or physio.’
      • ‘Unlike Huntsman, this is a recent set-up, financed from the start by private equity funds.’
      • ‘A top-heavy, tail-wagging public sector agency like the current set-up is no good for anyone.’
      • ‘This is because it is much more important for them to be part of the watchdog set-up and adequately provide checks and balances to the Executive.’
      • ‘However, the post is not full-time, allowing Hulme to remain very much part of the coaching set-up at Heywood Road.’
      • ‘We have got a good bunch of lads who have come through together from the Academy set-up.’
      organization, group, body, concern, agency, association, syndicate, operation, movement
    2. 1.2A set of equipment needed for a particular activity or purpose.
      ‘I have a recording setup in my house’
      • ‘I hear you've got quite the recording set-up in your basement, and you've been cutting a lot of stuff there.’
      • ‘Filming required a specially developed camera that could process three strips of film, and a recording set-up using six microphones.’
      • ‘For an in-house station, the set-up was fairly impressive.’
      • ‘Two drum kits and two keyboard set-ups make it painfully clear why these guys are named after the Greek god of thunder.’
      • ‘Our tackle and set-ups were identical, and the floats sat side-by-side.’
      • ‘Our set-up includes our trusty old VCR that also plugs into the projector.’
      • ‘A Wi-Fi set-up has both the bandwidth and computing power needed to handle several such applications.’
      • ‘No, I've recorded at least four or five other bands with the same set-up.’
  • 2 informal A scheme or trick intended to incriminate or deceive someone.

    • ‘“Listen. He didn't die. It was a setup.”’
    • ‘Was it a set-up by powerful but corrupt Saudis who felt the bootleggers had undercut their market or ripped them off over bribes or a share of the profits?’
    • ‘The thought that this whole thing was a set-up crossed her mind, involuntarily causing her to grip her gun for reassurance.’
    • ‘Is the whole accusation of racism just a set-up?’
    • ‘Did their initial meeting happen by pure chance, or was it a set-up from the beginning, cunningly devised by Bruno?’
    • ‘I have a theory that this could all be a set-up, whereby they are torn apart by the tabloids, but they know full well they have not actually done anything.’
    • ‘When Guishard was arrested on Wednesday night his neighbours attacked the police, claiming it was a set-up.’
    • ‘A drug dealer got shot and they thought it was a set-up so they started driving into the neighbourhood.’
    trick, trap
    1. 2.1mainly North American A contest with a prearranged outcome.
  • 3 informal (in a ball game) a pass or play intended to provide an opportunity for another player to score.

    • ‘These four players constitute a set-up man, two middle relievers, and a leftie.’
    • ‘But the clearance just turned out to a perfect set-up for substitute Neuville to ram in another equaliser.’
    • ‘Matt Anderson, Doug Brocail, Danny Patterson, Jim Poole and Masso Kida are the set-up men.’
    • ‘The team may pursue a big-name set-up man, although I feel that isn't necessary.’
    • ‘Now, it appears Wallace is cast as a set-up man whose fastball occasionally reaches 90.’



/ˈsedˌəp/ /ˈsɛdˌəp/