Definition of seventeenth in English:


ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number seventeen in a sequence; 17th.

    ‘the seventeenth century’
    ‘his seventeenth birthday’
    • ‘Through the later seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, scholars argued relentlessly about the details of Egyptian and Chinese chronology.’
    • ‘The stained glass, which is mostly of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, was reset in 1912.’
    • ‘County government was in the hands of 3,000 or so prominent gentry in the early seventeenth century.’
    • ‘In the seventeenth century, a milkmaid would send a stream of new, warm milk directly from a cow into a bowl of spiced cider or ale.’
    • ‘Forced to submit to a vote of the people under the newly enacted seventeenth amendment, Henry's forces were noted for "stuffing ballot boxes, shipping repeats, and intimidating voters".’
    • ‘I congratulate you on the seventeenth anniversary of our dear Marie.’
    • ‘The seventeenth annual seminar on mineral photography will be held on Thursday.’
    • ‘She finished seventeenth at the world championships in Switzerland.’
    • ‘It could be a party to celebrate your seventeenth birthday, a new year, a new you.’
    • ‘She sits down at the table next to the window, sips the juice as the steaming coffee cools, gazing out from the seventeenth floor.’
  • 2Each of seventeen equal parts into which something is or may be divided.

    ‘the bank was sold for about a seventeenth of its value’
    • ‘He sold it for about a seventeenth of its value.’
    • ‘The bank was sold for about a seventeenth of its value.’
    • ‘An annual allowance of one seventeenth of the expenditure is given for capital expenditure on patent rights.’
    • ‘This uses either small roof or loft space antenna and less than one seventeenth the power of a mobile phone.’
    • ‘Japan's private-equity market is one seventeenth of the size of the sector in the US.’
    • ‘A third of the population was trying to live in a way that only a seventeenth of the population could live.’
    • ‘He was to have the inducement of sharing a seventeenth of the profits.’
    • ‘The friction force is about a seventeenth of the ball's weight.’