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ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number seven in a sequence; 7th.

    ‘his seventh goal of the season’
    • ‘the seventh of June’
    • ‘he was the seventh of eight children’
    • ‘Roslea is the site of an ancient church and convent dating back to the seventh century.’
    • ‘Laws made in the seventh century could finally give way to the needs of the 21st.’
    • ‘At the beginning of the seventh century St. Gobban founded a monastery at Leighlin Bridge.’
    • ‘Of the few poets whose work has survived from the sixth and seventh centuries, the most notable is Pindar.’
    • ‘True mozzarella is made from the milk of the water buffalo, imported from India to Italy in the seventh century.’
    • ‘We begin with Caedmon, from the seventh century, but by page 6 we are already up to the sixteenth century.’
    • ‘The history of Ely Cathedral is profound - it began as a humble Benedictine abbey in the seventh century.’
    • ‘It is believed to have originated from India as early as the seventh century, although the exact origins of chess are unknown.’
    • ‘A Graham Delaney goal in the seventh minute set them on their way.’
    • ‘This was Hearts' seventh defeat in eight league and cup games.’
    • ‘His seventh goal of the season required no such imagination.’
    • ‘There are six sites for development in Central Place, with the area opposite the Market Theatre constituting a seventh site.’
    • ‘Mayobridge spurned another goal chance on the seventh minute when a beautifully placed high ball from Benny Coulter fell to Ronan Sexton.’
    • ‘It features a rare seventh century Buddha from India.’
    • ‘The defeat, City's seventh in eight games, leaves the Minstermen just one point clear of Division Three bottom-club Exeter City.’
    • ‘Richard Burrows gave the visitors an early lead but Danny Walters hit his seventh goal of the season to level the scores.’
    • ‘It was Gillingham's seventh league defeat in a row, but coach John Gorman would not talk of relegation.’
    • ‘To pass 500 in your first innings but lose, and for a seventh time in eight championship games at that, is patently demoralising.’
    • ‘His aim is to discover the effect of the text's message on the earliest audience at the end of the seventh century B.C.’
    • ‘Arab invaders brought Islam to Morocco during the seventh century.’
    1. 1.1a seventh/one seventhEach of seven equal parts into which something is or may be divided.
      ‘The Plovdiv region alone concentrates a seventh of the arable land and 14 per cent of the labour resources of this country.’
      • ‘He was critical of the small quotas, which would mean that one vessel could catch a seventh of the total for certain species in a single fishing trip.’
      • ‘During his long reign he commandeered nearly a seventh of the land area.’
    2. 1.2The seventh finisher or position in a race or competition.
      ‘he finished seventh in the tournament’
      • ‘Sunline came out of the Pukekohe race and then finished seventh in the Hong Kong Cup.’
      • ‘Briton Steve Ovett finished fifth and Sriram Singh was seventh in that memorable race.’
      • ‘In Athens, her Olympic career ended when she finished seventh in her 100m semi-final.’
      • ‘We were picked to finish seventh or eighth but we wound up fifth.’
      • ‘He finished seventh in the April race in Phoenix; he'll need to do better than that on Sunday if he hopes to catch Stewart.’
      • ‘He was expected to finish seventh in the league.’
      • ‘Double race winner Chilton was seventh having started tenth.’
      • ‘As a 24-year-old in 2001 he rode an excellent race to finish seventh overall, leading many to bill him as a future winner of the race.’
      • ‘The Jets finished seventh in defense, and none of the other three teams playing today ranked higher than 17th.’
      • ‘She was also seventh in the 500m time trial and plans to compete in both events.’
      • ‘She finished seventh in Birmingham.’
      • ‘Chantell Stierman finished seventh in the 60 kg division weightlifting.’
      • ‘In five seasons, Stewart has not finished worse than seventh in points.’
      • ‘He finished sixth in the 1m board event and was seventh off the 3m board.’
      • ‘Monifeth Man finishes seventh in the Coral Cup, better than any other Irish trained runner.’
      • ‘We finished seventh that season and looked a good bet for promotion the following year.’
      • ‘However, Yorkshire came a disappointing seventh in the team competition.’
      • ‘He has not raced since finishing seventh in an allowance race at Churchill Downs on November 28, 1998.’
      • ‘I had my best season and still only finished seventh in the points.’
      • ‘Brendan Foster set a new British record yet finished only seventh.’
    3. 1.3Seventhly (used to introduce a seventh point or reason).
    4. 1.4Music An interval spanning seven consecutive notes in a diatonic scale.
    5. 1.5Music The note which is higher by a seventh than the tonic of a diatonic scale or root of a chord.
      • ‘The work lies far closer, at least in its harmonic thought, to American Modernism (say, Copland's music of the Twenties) than to what we might expect from familiar Creston - diatonic chords leavened with major sevenths and ninths.’
    6. 1.6Music A chord in which the seventh note of the scale forms an important component.
      ‘It's got a great G major ending with a couple of Gershwinian sevenths and they just adored it.’
      • ‘Heard in this context, it involves the destruction and re-incarnation of the melody; at the close it appears over and above a series of jazz pianist sevenths.’
      • ‘Practicing fourths and consecutive sevenths challenges the ear in ways that sixths and thirds don't, in addition to enhancing hand stability.’
      • ‘Bliss also incorporated Elgar's characteristic falling sevenths, by way of a recognisable tribute to his distinguished and supportive dedicatee.’
      • ‘Take the most salient feature for the listener - those Elgarian falling sevenths of the second page.’



/ˈsevənTH/ /ˈsɛvənθ/