Definition of sewage farm in English:

sewage farm


  • A place where sewage is treated, especially for use as an agricultural fertilizer.

    • ‘It then releases it into the sewers so it can make its way to sewage farms to be properly dealt with.’
    • ‘Visitors to the Rosebery oval in western Tasmania once thought the ground was built on a sewage farm.’
    • ‘When I arrived in Worcester Park in 1930, the sewage farm was owned by the council.’
    • ‘The term mop crop describes plants which are grown for agricultural or environmental benefit in sewage farms.’
    • ‘We do not need more sewage farms along our coastline.’
    • ‘Large numbers of slow worms (a legless, snake-like lizard) have been imported from a disused sewage farm nearby.’
    • ‘The campus has its own generator, fibre optic communications network, deep water wells, sewage farm, soccer pitch, travel agents, a bank and hospital.’
    • ‘And when he finally gets there, on a nice warm summer's afternoon, will he actually enjoy the stench or the swarms of small black flies that regularly emerge from the sewage farm just a few yards away?’
    • ‘In 1897 a sewage farm had been established across the road from Sophiatown, in present day Westbury, according to George Grant and Taffy Flinn in Watershed Town.’
    • ‘That's where all the rubbish heaps, nuclear dumps and sewage farms are.’
    • ‘‘It's like being in the middle of a sewage farm,’ he said.’


sewage farm