Definition of sewer rat in English:

sewer rat


another term for brown rat
  • ‘Selina and Bort quickly slipped into the darkness, followed closely by a large sewer rat.’
  • ‘She shifted her glance, and watched a crow peck at a dead sewer rat.’
  • ‘Huge rats the size of Chicago sewer rats had thrived in this hole.’
  • ‘These weren't sewer rats, but rats of a rather more refined breed.’
  • ‘She killed and injured countless sewer rats, hissing madly.’
  • ‘You two can go get eaten by sewer rats if you please.’
  • ‘Inside his Manhattan brownstone lurks something even more terrifying than his business associates: a giant sewer rat.’
  • ‘Animal activists also found caged birds including parrots, pigeons and crows in the apartment as well as a sewer rat, a hedgehog and piles of food and animal feces.’
  • ‘It's possibly a little more entertaining than it is informative, but it's a good read - just don't read the bit about treading on sewer rats after you've had something to eat.’
  • ‘‘We'll be here to pull you out if the sewer rats try to eat you,’ said Andrea in her trademark monotone.’
  • ‘I won't demean myself to eating from dumpsters, not yet, because then I would be at the level of sewer rats.’
  • ‘They are considered about the same quality of being as sewer rats by the tribal allegiances which run way back through their history.’
  • ‘The boy's speciality was dispatching sewer rats that got in the way.’