Definition of sex bomb in English:

sex bomb


  • A woman who is very sexually attractive.

    as modifier ‘the novelist with his sex-bomb wife’
    • ‘She was a stranger to me, but it was obvious she was a sex bomb.’
    • ‘There have been blond sex bombs who were aware of their dubious allure and had the good sense to mock it before anyone else did.’
    • ‘And Rebecca looked every bit the sex bomb she was in her very short, very tight strapless dress by Shoshanna.’
    • ‘Sarah Shahi is a sex bomb who commands the screen.’
    • ‘I wasn't sure I could totally accept that thesis until the night Darla and I came home from a date and found Ramona transformed into a sex bomb by her other sisters.’
    • ‘Other key characters include Grace, a student, Morgan, the school's sex bomb, and Mrs Morton, a fearsome teacher who is often the target for Student Bodies' jibes.’
    • ‘These may never be the aristocrats of Hawke's Bay, or the curvy sex bombs from Martinborough or Central Otago, but there is a lusty goodwill about them that makes them the most convivial company.’
    • ‘Yet the curious fact remains that Deneuve, the international sex bomb of the 1960s, has gone on to have one of the most idiosyncratic and unpredictable of careers in what used to be called art cinema.’
    • ‘One attendee said: ‘Everyone expected this blonde sex bomb.’’
    • ‘They are just friends, he insists, buddies with a shared sense of humour, but he doesn't do himself any favours with comments like ‘she's a walking sex bomb.’’