Definition of sex change in English:

sex change


  • A change in a person's physical sexual characteristics, typically by surgery and hormone treatment.

    ‘he campaigned to have his sex change legally recognized’
    as modifier ‘a sex-change operation’
    • ‘The reason she had left him was because he had a sex change operation and was a drug addict.’
    • ‘I can't imagine a tougher choice to make than the one to have a sex change operation.’
    • ‘Myron has decided, for reasons we do not know, to have a sex change operation and become Myra.’
    • ‘She will live as a woman for 12 months before deciding whether to have a sex change operation.’
    • ‘Mark is due to have a sex change operation next week and he wishes to know whether or not this will make the marriage null and void.’
    • ‘She had undergone a complete sex change operation, which her husband knew before marrying her.’
    • ‘The man says he needs the money to help finance a sex change operation!’
    • ‘But due to her sex change operation, the obligation will most likely be waived.’
    • ‘The sex change genital surgery for male transsexuals differs greatly from that for female transsexuals.’
    • ‘Men switching gender identity have to live as women for 12 months before a sex change operation can be considered.’
    • ‘He'd never given any indication of disapproving of my sex change.’
    • ‘Furthermore, Miller claimed, Larry was taking female hormones in preparation for a sex change operation.’
    • ‘Courts in Australia have previously legally recognised a sex change for the purposes of the criminal law and Social Security law.’
    • ‘I am positive that it is the same person because she still has the same face and I've heard that this person has had a sex change.’
    • ‘He not only divorced his fourth wife but also underwent a sex change.’
    • ‘At the time Jake asked me to photograph his sex change in 1996, his name was Deb.’
    • ‘The sex change (or gender realignment as they prefer to call it) proved no great problem.’
    • ‘And this branch of government petitions the court to permit a child to have a sex change.’
    • ‘Eighteen months ago Gill was a man, before she underwent a sex change.’
    • ‘The letter was a recommendation that a sex change be performed on the patient.’


sex change