Definition of sex therapist in English:

sex therapist


See sex therapy

  • ‘A sex therapist may be a psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist, or nurse who specializes in problems dealing with sexuality and sexual functioning.’
  • ‘So these physicians who may not be motivated to bring on a sex therapist are now motivated to participate in a clinical trial, and then that model becomes the norm.’
  • ‘First, I would suggest a support group regarding the ‘condition’, a counselor for both of you, and an individual therapist for you alone, and perhaps a sex therapist to help you deal with that aspect.’
  • ‘When these people hear that their spouse is unhappy about their sex life, they experience it as a criticism, become defensive, and often become either hurt or angry, rather than open themselves up to exploration with a sex therapist.’
  • ‘He is a trained sex therapist, lecturer, author, and maintains a private practice where he treats individuals and couples.’