Definition of sexer in English:



See sex

  • ‘A Japanese man has made an emotional 5,000-mile trip to Hebden Bridge to retrace his father's steps after discovering diaries detailing his time there in the 1930s as an expert chicken sexer.’
  • ‘My friend David briefly courted a Chinese chicken sexer 25 years ago, but the relationship was too fleeting for any of her talents to pass via him to me, at least not that I can remember.’
  • ‘A charming woman and a steamy sexer, her name still raises pulses in fans of erotic entertainment.’
  • ‘If you order day-old sexed female chicks you usually get a few males that slipped by the sexer, so you will be all set.’
  • ‘Will she win the title, or will she quit and take up an even more lucrative career as a chicken sexer?’