Definition of sexlessness in English:



See sexless

  • ‘Despite the almost pathological sexlessness of Bollywood films (nobody kisses in Devdas), there's still a lot of passion here, mostly in the alluring dance numbers.’
  • ‘People there, we believe (and have been repeatedly told) are smarter, righter, richer (their relative sexlessness is a strange aspect of their glamour).’
  • ‘It's beyond cliche now to bemoan the cold, sexlessness of the German language: the precise mathematical logic of the conjunctive, built words conspires straining out all rhythm or melody.’
  • ‘She refuses to equate celibacy with sexlessness.’
  • ‘Never have I felt such an extraordinary sense of estrangement and sexlessness appear in a nude portrait as it does in Self-Portrait with Patricia Preece.’